Don’t let anyone say they don’t know 5G will kill

“The potential for exposure to ionizing radiation when working near some radar systems does exist.” -USAF Master Radiation Exposure Registry (MRER)

Example: Multiple Collocated Microwave Devices

USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20) c. 1988

A Single Source Pure Wave (SSPW) mindset likely led to arbitrary safety standards throughout the Cold War.

MIVN helps microwave injured veterans to better describe their symptoms to medical care providers. Our goal is continuity of care so that one specialty treatment does not worsen another symptom. Let’s get started…Click Here


If you have worked in a radar or communications multiple collocated microwave radiation environment in the U.S. military and you are wondering whether or not the symptoms that you are now experiencing, years later, are the result of cell damage from working in that environment then select Veterans to begin your complimentary Microwave Injury Awareness Tool. You can select answers and print out the form anonymously or you may select the Send button and we will provide you with a full assessment along with treatment options for you to discuss with your primary care provider. We recognize that you may have suffered in silence for many years. We honor your service and you are no longer forgotten.

The Microwave Injured Veterans Network (MIVN) provides support and resources for microwave injured veterans that are suffering from nascent symptoms associated with unique and specific missions and occupational hazards that occurred during military service from 1956 until the present day. We also provide support information for future candidates of the military, current service members, and the general public. ​

Our goals are to raise awareness by informing government agencies, informing corporations, and informing the general public about the microwave injury spectrum and inspiring revisions to microwave safety standards that are necessary to protect the next generation.

In order to raise awareness, of the microwave injury spectrum, we have provided awareness tools that can be used to help facilitate discussions with medical care providers to expedite accurate diagnosis and continuity of care. Our assessments are based on your answers. You have to help us to help you. The tools are not medical diagnostic tools but rather awareness tools. A tool can be printed out and brought to a medical care provider who can review the results and discuss treatment options with you.

TAP – They know very well what the effects of 5G will be – and 4G and 3G.  It’s time to wise up about microwave injury to our health.


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