Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by missile – Downing Street

US officials have said they are now “confident” the passenger plane that came down in Tehran was shot down by an Iranian missile.

One US official said US satellites had detected the launch of two missiles shortly before the plane crashed, followed by evidence of an explosion.

Two other (Anonymous) officials said Washington believed the downing of the Ukraine International Airlines plane, in which all 176 people including three British nationals were killed, was accidental.

Their comments were preceded by Donald Trump saying “somebody could have made a mistake” by shooting down a passenger plane in Iran amid concerns the jet may have been hit by a missile.

His comments came almost immediately after Downing Street said it is looking into “very concerning” reports the Ukrainian plane that had just taken off from Tehran’s main airport on Wednesday had been shot down by a missile.

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  1. kendrickdm says:

    There are possibilities in descending order:
    1) The aircraft was pre rigged in the Ukraine with a small warhead in the Avionics Computer room(and areas such as int inner wing) which is situated below the cockpit detonated by timer or remote. A lot depends on if the shrapnel holes show an exit.
    2) There was a bomb brought aboard with luggage in Iran.
    3) A 3rd party infiltrated Iran airspace with a stealth aircraft/drone similar to MH17 which had a spoofed foxbat intercepting the airliner to spook a confrontation.
    4) A stealthed drone shot the plane,
    5) Someone in Irans missile batteries was a traitor and ordered the shootdown,
    6) An agency smuggled in a soviet era buk and used it to false flag an incident.
    7) The last and least likely is Irans own air defence shot down a known and scheduled flight.
    8) Technical error, then again Boeing is not the company it was with hiring for woke agendas over ability.

  2. kendrickdm says:

    The main motivation for downing the airliner is simple, at this key moment it is to make Iran doubt is own air defence and to turn them off, similar to Iraq in 1991 which sent all its aircraft to Iran for safe keeping, instead of using them for a once only suicide run which would have crippled Saudi oil.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Operator error of the missile system is possible. In the panic and raised tension the air defences might have been on high alert and made a tragic mistake. The Russian missile system is possibly quite new. Maybe American hackers can penetrate the control system but maybe just a mistake.

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