The Satanic syndicate at Westminster

“I’ve had a weak erection for months”, the old man pushed the plunger on the syringe filled with Heroin into his arthritic veins, and let out a sigh “I’m dying, give my last Will and Testament to my great friend, TOM DRIBERG – I trust Tom with my life, he will be the executor of my Last Will & Testament”… The old man’s nurse raised her eyebrows, ‘You mean, the Tom Driberg – you mean LORD-BARON DRIBERG, the Chairman of the Labour Party and Privy Councillor to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Westminster?”, the old man nodded, “Yes, Tom is my greatest friend, we bedded many young men, many witch sabbaths together”…

That old dying, heroin-addicted man was ALEISTER CROWLEY and Lord-Baron Driberg was not the only senior British government member of Crowley’s Satanic coven…

Mr Maxwell Knight – the spymaster of MI5 and BBC children’s TV presenter, the Hammer House of Horror author Dennis Wheatley and fellow author, cousin to the actor Christopher Lee, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, inventor of James Bond 007 no less, Mr Ian Fleming, were all personally initiated into Crowley’s witch coven.

It was a Syndicate – a Satanic Syndicate… And that is just the start of CHRIS EVERARD’s digital book THE SATANIC SYNDICATE AT WESTMINSTER

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This is no ‘Conspiracy Theory’ book – everything reported by Chris Everard really happened – and it’s all documented with declassified British government archives, diaries from Aleister Crowley and dozens of photographs. 

Lord-Baron Driberg is the former Chairman – a satanist – of Jeremy Corbyn’s British Labour Party and THE SATANIC SYNDICATE AT WESTMINSTER is a digital book, packed with illustrations and photos, which will be delivered to you electronically immediately. Right now from Chris Everard’s GumRoad bookstore


“CHRIS EVERARD is Britain’s leading investigator into Secret Societies, the Occult and the Paranormal events which evade the headlines”


“My book, like no other, investigates the people who rise to prominent positions of power at Westminster. Most of them are vain hedonists – they HATE the general public – and take great pleasure in violating and sexually abusing Working Class children – that is not an idle accusation – my new digital book is packed with tons of evidence which links the British government to a SATANIC SYNDICATE of Satanists, swindlers and corrupt gangsters…”

~ Chris Everard

Aleister Crowley advocated child sacrifice and was befriended by many top ranking Lords at Westminster – Crowley once said:

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  1. Mr Dude says:

    Wow, fantastic.

    Everyone needs to buy this and distribute as widely as possible.

  2. sharphelix says:

    John Mann Labour MP.
    “White people of Britain are nothing more than inbreeds,drunkarrds and scum”

  3. sharphelix says:

    How very, very easily the British Sheeple are themselves being led to the slaughter. Yes, Jerusalem will be re-built here, and it is in Britain that the long Jewish path of fulfilling the wishes of the Talmud to turn the Goyim into slaves and cattle will be achieved. Dumbed down and out of their skulls on the cultural Marxist drugs of equality, diversity, feminism, pluralism, anti-racism and multiculturalism, they will be queuing up for the lobotomies.

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