The main threat of the coronavirus ‘epidemic’ is to freedom

China epidemic—implications for America and other countries
To keep up with my new articles on the so-called “epidemic,” it really helps to read my earlier pieces.  I don’t recapitulate all the relevant facts every time I sit down to write.  If I did, I’d be posting books instead of articles.

So…as I write this one, about 40 million Chinese citizens are on lockdown and quarantine in their cities.  This is truly extraordinary.  One US vaccine-funding official was heard to say China was a “silver lining” in the coronavirus epidemic—because that government is able to exert so much control over its people and, therefore, help contain the epidemic.

You could almost hear him thinking, “I wish we could do that in America.”

America, UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc.

You can bet your bottom dollar public health officials all over the world are gathering data on how well “the Chinese experiment” is going.  They want to learn lessons.  They want to know more about containment, mass quarantines, and lockdowns.

Could, for instance, an American president suddenly declare an emergency in the US and issue orders for travel restrictions on a broad scale?

Could he confine citizens to their cities?  Could he bring troops into a city and have them assemble in large public places and wave wands at people to look for body temperature elevation and cart them away to hospitals and other holding areas?

Could federal and state officials cancel sporting and concert events?  Could crowds of any kind be forbidden?  Could a national election be postponed?

China becomes an example for the rest of the world, you see.  “This is what has to be done in dire times, to stop the spread of an epidemic.  Look to China.  They’re accomplishing the right thing.  If the killer virus comes here and spreads, we may to have to follow suit.”

CHINA IS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL ICE-BREAKER FOR THE REST OF THE PLANET.  “Well, they did it there, so it can be done…”

“Thank you, China.  You’ve showed us what efficiency and necessity look like.”

The biggest potential contagion here has nothing to do with the virus.  It has to do with other countries deciding to follow China’s example.

And now we come to THE VACCINE against the virus.  This is where some very bad rubber meets a very bad road.  Several of the novel vaccines being rushed toward approval and production are completely experimental.  They have never been openly used on the public.  So the stage is set for a grand planet-wide guinea-pig test.  In a recent piece, I explained the admitted danger of one of these vaccine varieties—RNA vaccines.  They can cause autoimmune reactions.  The body goes to war against itself.

What are the chances that one of these new vaccines will be mandated in the US and other countries?  Mandated.  Ordered.  Commanded.  “In order to preserve public safety.”

I would say there is a chance, given, again, the example of China, the ice-breaker.

And, as I’ve pointed out many times, these so-called epidemics have been used, for decades, to tune up the population to the need for ALL vaccines for all diseases.  It’s called operant conditioning.

“You have no choice.  You can’t opt out.  The situation is too dangerous.”

Officials say that about one vaccine in an “epidemic” situation; they can then say that about all vaccines.

Realistically, any US president’s advisors would tell him that mandating an emergency coronavirus vaccine for the whole country would present a logistical nightmare.  So they’d suggest, “We can try a mandate, only we don’t enforce it everywhere.  We use certain examples of harsh control in, say, the most dangerous area, where the virus has spread.  A town, a city, maybe even a state.  And make sure everyone in that area gets the vaccine.  Let’s try that for starters.  Let’s see how the enforcement end looks.  How hard are we going to come down on people if they refuse?  Meanwhile, outlawing big public gatherings is an essential step.  You can do that.  No crowds permitted in certain cases.  We work with state and local authorities, to make it look like ‘the people’ are represented.  Go for the ‘share and care’ stuff.  We love all our people and want to protect them…”

Such a strategy could be stretched out for months.  It would be allowed to peter out…but certain features would stay in place.  For instance, stepped up police and military presence in cities.  Not to enforce vaccination, but to extend basic control over the population.

Meanwhile, state legislatures would feel more confident, despite pushback, in enacting mandatory vaccination laws for all diseases.  Using terms like “outbreaks” and “spread” and “protection” more frequently than they’re used now, states would “do their duty” to keep citizens safe.

Freedom?  Free choice?  Those ideas would be channeled more quickly into drainpipes of the past.  Safety, protection, and security would vault even higher on the political scoreboard.

If you’re beginning to see this is as a CONTROL op, you’re right.  It always was.  Setting aside the obvious workable medical solutions to specific problems, such as repair of the body in emergency crisis situations, the highest echelon of the medical cartel is all about control.  And its use of demonstrably toxic drugs and vaccines are the forward edge of covert warfare.

China is showing the world how to force the war on millions of people at once.

In doing so, it’s borrowing strategies from the West: how to pump up an unproven epidemic through medical disinformation.

That’s a potent marriage: massive top-down force, and medical propaganda.

Freedom to dissent and opt out, along many lines, is more important than ever.

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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    Here’s Jim Stone with more coronavirus blurb:

    It appears a Turkish insider knew about a shipment of viruses from the United States to China, and posted about it on Twitter on June 11 2019. Here is the tweet, here is the translation:

    “America sent a plane full of biological weapons to China. Epidemics may begin in China soon.

    And let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope.

    My comment: The timing on that is interesting, and then, in Turkish alt media, there is this:

    We were the first to announce coronavirus in China!
    January 27, 2020 12:28 tsi

    We first announced coronavirus in China on June 11 2019

    “Coronavirus, which has been spread to many countries from Wuhan, China, is on the world agenda.

    We announced months ago where and by whom this outbreak would be done.

    On June 11, 2019, we warned on Twitter that the outbreak in China was necessary. This information was known at the time, of course, and we were hesitant about whether to explain it. Then we decided to explain!

    Coronavirus was built as a biological weapon and flown to China by the United States. Everything is known to the plane’s tail number.

    It’s not right to write everything.

    It’s already written if necessary.

    As we said there,

    “Let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope.”

    Those who know know, I assure you!

    The hope of earth and space is THE TURK!

    That’s all.

    In the comments below, there is this:
    Are we surprised?
    Are we surprised? Of course not.
    We’re watching with interest..

    Mahmoud brother, if they knew this information wasn’t normal information, the Chinese would have fought. I think this is information specific to Octane KeleÅŸ.

    The fear of the virus will be that no one will get anything from there economically, which will badly damage China. accordingly, anything made there will now cost more.

    Also, if the demand for oil decreases and oil prices fall (the tension is not reflected in us, and we also increase our currency) A friend of mine had already told me a few weeks ago that Russia’s economy would be attacked by lowering oil prices. If economic production falls in China, China’s demand for oil will also decrease, which will cause economic distress to many countries, especially Iran.

    My comment: That’s a good point. China uses Iran’s oil. If for any reason China’s economy slows, Iran and Russia are going to feel it. That would be a great reason to ship a virus to China, that white people seem to be more resistant to than the Chinese – to weaken China, Russia, and Iran before a war . . . . .
    End quote.

    Jim Stone also wrote:
    “The Corona hospital was a HOAX! When “done” Chinese state media posted an Alibaba stock photo of a pre-existing structure.”
    and the link is to:

    If you can’t access the infowars webpage, try using the Brave browser. I had got it on Firefox but then the page went blank on me.

  2. tapnewswiremember says:

    And here’s the vaccine!
    I’m sure they can fast track the animal trials to make sure it’s available to everyone ASAP.
    Anyway human beings are just another class of animals, aren’t they?

    Hong Kong Researchers Have Developed A Coronavirus Vaccine, There Is Just One Catch

  3. tapnewswiremember says:

    I think we’re going to be OK. Yes they want to kill us all off and this is a genuine attempt at starting a pandemic but it will not happen

    This is what I think has happened but note it’s only my opinion, not supported by any facts.
    The cabal has released a genuine population culling virus, aimed specfically at the Chinese race, which will then spread etc
    This is because the USD is toast and soon, it will be obviously to everyone with all the usual implications (hyperinflation, Venezuela-type scenarios etc)
    The US has been very open within their thievery to stay king of the dung heap |(eg a few yrs ago, Bangladesh refused to sehip goods to the USA in exchange fpr loo paper so the Americans simply stole the funds they had deposited in New York and claimed that someone hacked into the system and took said funds)
    There’ll be total economic and societal chaos in the USA
    And the Chinese and buddies will introduce the gold backed notes which Jim Willie has talked extensively about.

    This intended pandemic will kill several birds with one stone – martial law, culling of the population, ushering in of the NWO etc.

    But there’s one factor they cannot control. You’re gonna have to go woo woo here – it involve spirituality and extra terrestrials.
    Try reading the Ami books on the unicus website.
    Basically, there’s a ginormous event coming for humanity and the planet.
    It’s Book of Revelations territory
    And it also involves this Annunaki thingy.
    Long ago, this planet suffered a hostile alien invasion and humanity was thrown off course; its destiny subverted.
    Now, forces have come to restore us back to the original timeline – give us our birth right which lies in a Star Trek future.
    And justice will be delivered to those alien life forms who have done us so much harm
    Karma is a BITCH and the trials have already started in the celestial courts where these scumbags are being tried for their crimes against humanity, the planet and most of all, against God.

    I quote you this:

    The Prime Directive is a formalization of the wishes and desires of GOD.

    It is the desire of GOD that souls in the lower creation where time exists and where physical forms are used learn from their experiences there and, in this learning process, make continuing progress toward full maturity.

    A fully mature soul knows GOD and knows that his true home is not in this creation but is with GOD in the Spiritual Planes. No one has to tell a mature soul this – when one becomes a mature soul, one knows this without being told. And the soul knows its way home. At this level of development, Spiritual Masters help any mature souls who ask in completing their final journey home.

    Since this was the purpose for which GOD caused the lower creation to come into existence, it exists for no other legitimate purpose than this.

    Violations of the prime directive are cases such as:

    Using Magic, Sorcery and the like to enslave souls and use them for slaves.

    Using technology such as implants to influence or control people.

    Using mind-control drugs on people against their will.

    Using any other technique which has the end effect of halting a souls forward progress and throwing him into a state of stagnation or negative evolution.


  4. sharphelix says:

    More from Jim Stone..

    I Married a Feminist by Mike Stone.

    The wedding was great, all that I’d dreamed.
    I had no way of knowing how bad I’d get reamed.
    I loved her, yes, that much is true.
    How was I to know she’d dye her hair blue?
    A nose ring came next, followed by tattoos.
    Where was my wife? What did I lose?
    “You’re married,” I told her, “You look like a joke.”
    “The reason you think that,” she said, “is because you’re not woke.”
    “My hair and my nose ring and all that you see,
    Are a break from the past, they show the new me.
    I don’t like this marriage, I feel tied down.
    And from your face, wipe off that frown.”
    “I want a career, I want so much more
    Raising our children is, oh, such a bore.”
    “That’s your job,” I told her, “it’s what mothers do.”
    “I knew it was a mistake,” she said, “to get married to you.”
    Her new career was spending hours on the web
    Posting pictures of herself, half naked in bed.
    When I saw what she was doing, we had a big fight.
    It lasted all day and into the night.
    “You’re a mother,” I told her, “how can you do this?”
    “Incels pay money,” she said, “so I blow them a kiss.”
    She drowned me out singing, “I’m a woman, hear me roar,
    Men sending me money, doesn’t make me a whore.”
    She became active in politics, marching and screaming,
    With other young women, their anger teeming.
    Raised with privilege, and every advantage you can name,
    Yet there they were marching, all looking the same.
    “I support open borders,” she said, “like an overflowing cup.
    With more men to compete for me, my value goes up.
    I don’t care about the country, I don’t care about crime.
    I care about me, and my feelings are prime.”
    She told our young daughter that all men oppress,
    She told our young son to wear a frilly red dress.
    “He’s going to be a girl,” she said, “all proper and prim.
    If I can’t hurt you direct, I’ll get you through him.”
    She sued for divorce, calling me a great villain.
    She said I was cruel, a menace to all women.
    There’s no way she wins this, I thought, but the joke was on me,
    Because the judge wore a cap shaped like a pink pussy.
    She gave my wife everything, the kids and the house.
    She shook her gavel at me, and called me a louse.
    I married a feminist, now I’m lonely and broke.
    I guess you could say, I’ve become fully woke.

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