The Babylon working ritual.

How the corrupted communed with entities and brought down evil on humanity, bringing entities into our realm.  The entities are demons, not aliens but inter-dimensional beings.  Scientists brought in advanced technologies via the demons – rocket science, and more.  The story of Jack Parsons.   Scientology/Ron Hubbard was allegedly involved as a colleague.  FBI suppressed the effects of the inter-dimensional beings.  Document 6751 in the FBI has been declassified.  They knew they weren’t dealing with space aliens.

Since the 1940s Satanism has taken off worldwide, with more and more people trying to tap into the power of the demons coming in through the portal Parsons opened up.   Claiming that aliens are the basis of the newly acquired knowledge is a deception.  The elites have learned that entities can be summoned, and knowledge acquired.  The elite families are involved, the Du Ponts e.g.  Child trafficking.  Child sacrifice is all a part of this story.

Movie to be watched – Higher Entities made by Justen Faull.  He shows how the entities work with governments.  Blood rituals took place inside government facilities.  Project Montauk was the government trying to get technologies.  Christians are now looked at as monsters, as the enemies of the demons.  The name Jesus has great power against these entities, and they ban the use of the word even as a cuss word.

With so much mainstream media coverage of the Alien/UFO scenario, the declassifying of hundreds of FBI documents along with the releasing of top secret government information-The Faull Bros. have answered the call once again, investigating secret government programs involving Aliens, Advanced Technology, and Sinister Conspiracy.

The adventure includes up-close and personal discussions on location with a former FBI Special Agent, a Department of Defense Consultant, Best Selling Authors and Seasoned Research Professionals, all unveiling pieces of this grand puzzle. When did the “Government Alien Programs” originate and why? Was there really a counterpoint group that was warning of the dangers from such programs? What exactly did these black projects involve? Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes is a live-action documentary film, delivering intimate testimonies of disclosure which puts you on location and in the conversation.

TAP – those that use rituals to connect with the godhead or the forces of goodness are suppressed.  Those who commune with the evil are protected, and pull in the greed and desire to overpower all other humans.


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  1. Gordon says:

    There are many excellent points brought forward in the above video.

    See also:
    The Nephilim [Book of Enoch] (Angels & Demons Explained)

  2. Tapestry says:

    Are ‘aliens’ other life forms as we are often told, or are they demonic spiritual entities? This video goes into that question and provides witnesses to facts that suggest the alien phenomenon is in fact a demonic phenomenon. The way to stop the entities is to declare that Jesus Christ is your helper and saviour. They back off. I have seen this with my own eyes and ears when dealing with demonic presences in a building I own so I can follow this without feeling it’s a sales pitch for religion. The strange thing is that I believe the historical Jesus (Izas) is the Ralph Ellis king of Osrhoene who fought a war against Rome from AD 67 to AD 70, and lost it. The Romans launched Christianity as a religion based on him, which they scripted and controlled to subdue the gentiles and maintain the empire without the need for armies. Since then has the use of word Jesus become equated with the power of goodness through billions of humans believing this to be the case, no matter the veracity of the original bible stories assembled by Josephus Flavius. I would watch this video if this topic interests you. It gives a massive clue as to how the world can rid itself of the demonic forces currently hiding us in their grip. I am about half way through and it’s got excellent material after a slow start.

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