One Response to “Streetlights are calibrated to kill.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I guess it’s best to drive in daylight when you can, avoid LED and 5G road systems as on the M6. Use electric cars for short journeys only at lower speeds. I wrap up in silver bobbinet inside the car at all times of day to shield from ambient emfs, mobile phone masts, cars with automatic breaking esp, emfs from inside the car. Volvos, traffic lights, streetlights and all sources of emf/rf. I park facing the most powerful signals in the area and drape the bobbinet from the sun visors and behind the steering wheel to shield everyone in the car while parked. I get less chest pains as a result, and noticeably keep myself in better health by doing all this. Screening beds at night is also effective in getting better sleep, using bobbinet like mosquito nets. I’ve been at this for nearly a year now and it’s just habit.

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