Shoot-down was a set up

The big question which many people on social media are asking is: why was this “videographer” standing in a derelict industrial area outside Tehran at around six o’clock in the morning with a mobile phone camera training on a fixed angle to the darkened sky? The airliner is barely visible, yet the sky-watching person has the camera pointed and ready to film a most dramatic event, seconds before it happened. That strongly suggests, foreknowledge.

Given that something awful has just been witnessed it is all the more strange that the person holding the camera remains calm and unshaken. There is no audible expression of shock or even the slightest disquiet.

Turns out that Nariman Gharib, the guy who received the video and credited by the NY Times for submitting it, is a vociferous anti-Iranian government dissident who does not live in Iran. He ardently promotes regime change in his social media posts.

Christiaan Triebert, the NY Times’ video expert, who collaborated closely with Gharib to get the story out within hours of the incident, previously worked as a senior investigator at Bellingcat. Bellingcat calls itself an independent online investigative journalism project, but numerous critics accuse it of being a media adjunct to Western military intelligence. Bellingcat has been a big proponent of media narratives smearing the Russian and Syrian governments over the MH17 shoot-down in Ukraine in 2014 and chemical weapons attacks.

In the latest shoot-down of the airliner above Tehran, the tight liaison between a suspiciously placed anonymous videographer on the ground and an expatriate Iranian dissident who then gets the prompt and generous technical attention of the NY Times suggests a level of orchestration, not, as we are led to believe, a random happenstance submission. More sinisterly, the fateful incident was a setup.

It seems reasonable to speculate that in the early hours of January 8 a calamitous incident was contrived to happen. The shoot-down occurred only four hours after Iran attacked two US military bases in Iraq. Those attacks were in revenge for the American drone assassination on January 3 of Iran’s top military commander, Maj. General Qassem Soleimani.

Subsequently, Iranian air-defense systems were on high alert for a possible counter-strike by US forces. Several reports indicate that the Iranian defense radars were detecting warnings of incoming enemy warplanes and cruise missiles on the morning of 8 January. It does seem odd why the Iranian authorities did not cancel all commercial flights out of Tehran during that period. Perhaps because civilian airliners can normally be differentiated by radar and other signals from military objects.

However, with the electronic warfare (EW) technology that the United States has developed in recent years it is entirely feasible for enemy military radars to be “spoofed” by phantom objects. One such EW developed by the Pentagon is Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD) which can create deceptive signals on enemy radar systems of incoming warheads.

What we contend therefore is this: the Americans exploited a brink-of-war scenario in which they anticipated Iranian air-defense systems to be on a hair-trigger. Add to this tension an assault by electronic warfare on Iranian military radars in which it would be technically feasible to distort a civilian airliner’s data as an offensive target. The Iranian military has claimed this was the nature of the shoot-down error. It seems plausible given the existing electronic warfare used by the Pentagon.

It’s a fair, albeit nefarious, bet that the flight paths out of Tehran were deliberately put in an extremely dangerous position by the malicious assault from American electronic warfare. A guy placed on the ground scoping the outward flight paths – times known by publicly available schedules – would be thus on hand to catch the provoked errant missile shot.

The shoot-down setup would explain why Western intelligence were so quick to confidently assert what happened, contradicting Iran’s initial claims of a technical onboard plane failure.

The disaster has gravely undermined the Iranian government, both at home and around the world. Protests have erupted in Iran denouncing the authorities and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp for “lying” about the crash. Most of the 176 victims were Iranian nationals. The anger on the streets is being fueled by the public comments of Western leaders like Donald Trump, who no doubt see the clamor and recriminations as an opportunity to push harder for regime change in Iran.

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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    The whole thing is theatre.
    The ring on the blown off arm which was used to identify Soleimani was not even a decent replica.
    I’d question everything we are told.

    This video covers the difference in the rings at the start:

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      Hey! I just found this.
      They’re crafting a story fo sucker us into accepting the AntiChrist as our saviour.
      And it involves Soleimani playing the role of Iman Mahdi

      Soleimani is almost certainly the globalists’ choice for the Imam Mahdi.
      The globalists’ plan…. was to fake either the death or grave wounding of Qasem Soleimani ….. This would result in instant outrage in Iran and lead …. instant high-intensity war….
      At a later date, the globalists will fake Soleimani’s resurrection (if he’s “dead”) …. to help raise him to the status of a religious icon in the eyes of the public.

      • tapnewswiremember says:

        Let’s see if I am allowed to post again.

        There’s more from Ken on this:

        Given the Soleimani assassination’s intimate connection to the Imam Mahdi narrative, there are three ways the globalist scriptwriters will eventually frame what happened…

        1. “Soleimani was actually killed, and the Hidden Imam (Ghaani) emerged from Occultation when the Red Flag of the Final Jihad was lifted over Jamkaran Mosque.”

        2. “Soleimani was actually killed, and was then supernaturally resurrected by God for his return as the Imam Mahdi.”

        3. “Soleimani wasn’t actually killed, because he was warned of what awaited him in Baghdad. So he deplaned in Damascus and went into Occultation while a body double wearing a similar ring was sent on to Baghdad.”

        …. I poked around a bit and found propaganda support for the third narrative…. from the Middle East Eye.

        Soleimani took no longer in Beirut than he needed to, and returned to Damascus that evening using the same procedures.

        At Damascus airport, Soleimani boarded a Cham Wings flight to Baghdad alongside other passengers. The scheduled flight departure time was set at 20:20, but for unknown reasons it was delayed to 22:28, the public data of the company shows.

        At around the same time, Muhandis received news that suggested his friend would shortly be touching down in Iraq. The Hashd al-Shaabi’s top leader was given a very short note, detailing only the airline and arrival time.

        So was the flight delay due to Soleimani receiving a warning, then deplaning and recruiting a willing martyr to take his place? If Soleimani is still alive due to a last-minute tipoff, who warned him? Was it Trump playing the role of the fellow NWO hero / Avatar? Or was it Kushner playing the role of the Antichrist conspiring with America’s enemies before the big attack on the US? If it’s the former, we can expect restraint in the days ahead; if it’s the latter, we’ll see Iranian counterstrikes shortly.

  2. Tapestry says:

    All a bit complicated. Maybe correct. Can you provide the evidence again that Soleimani was not in the vehicle please, Tapnewswiremember?

    I am inclined to believe he might have been deliberately saved and not killed. As for the rest of the theorising, let’s take it one step at a time!

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      Just watch the first few minutes of the video in my 1st comment here. It’s about the ring – you need visuals for that. You can skip the rest if you have a life to live…..

      Here’s another thread (with 2 comments)
      It has a video link – fast forward to 4:49 to where the newscaster mentions the ‘Lebanese actor’

      • tapnewswiremember says:

        Mind you, methinks that guy may have really got killed off now that the Madhi narrative ain’t going to fly. LOL! It’s just a risk one takes when one serves Satan…….

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      If he survived but hasn’t popped out to jeer at the Americans, doesn’t that suggest he’s in cahoots with them?

      And why did they use a substitute ring? Cos that sucker ain’t giving up his favourite bauble for a false flag. Plus he’ll need it to identify himself as the real McCoy

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