Harry’s departure. Other Royals bothered? No.

As a tack-on, I want to mention the “Royals flap”. I am getting questions in email about it. According to what we are told, Harry and Meghan have decided to give up their royal income and duties, moving to the US or Canada. One article I read went on and on about what they were going to do for a living, now that they had given up suckling on the British treasury. Since the article admitted they already had about 40 million pounds squirreled away, I had to laugh. They hardly need to worry about money, do they? At my current levels of spending, I could live on that for about. . . oh, 2000 years? So I don’t see any of the Windsors scrambling for rent anytime soon. My guess is they want to get as far away from the old Queen as they can. She has always been a bear, and people don’t get easier to get along with as they age, even if they aren’t worth trillions.

They likely want to get away from Charles as well, who probably treats Harry like yesterday’s garbage—due to the obvious lack of a blood link. The only reason Harry hasn’t been publicly thrown to the wolves as another man’s son is due to the controversy it would create. The royals of the past thrived on controversy but the present ones shy from it. The less attention of that sort the better. In fact, though Harry is claiming he is giving up the inheritance, it is possible he had been denied it, and the current story is only a cover. He has plenty of money from his mother (who is still alive) and the Spencers, so he doesn’t need it. And Meghan is wealthy on her side as well. So my best guess is that the Queen and the other royals are only pretending to be miffed. Most likely they are happy to get rid of him, and it is they who initiated the break.


Notice the hidden hands.  Trying not to show any occult signals.

At least Meghan is actually a woman.

Aristocratic elites are Satanists


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    There’s something really odd about Meghan and her family

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