Coronavirus? Wuhan is 5G test bed location.

Look at what they may be blaming the future 5G casualties on – the coronavirus.
Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out

What if all we are seeing in Wuhan is sickness from exposure to excessive 5G radiation, and weakened immune systems?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . .  Comment from Tapnewswiremember

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds that include diarrhea in cows and pigs, and upper respiratory disease in chickens. In humans, the virus causes respiratory infections, which are often mild, but in rare cases are potentially lethal. › wiki › Coronavirus


Coronavirus – Wikipedia

More Jim Stone: Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out. What if this pandemic is caused by weakened immune systems due to excessive 5g exposure?

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Date: Saturday, 25-Jan-2020 00:03:57

In Response To: Zero Hedge: Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Run 3 Months Ago Predicts 65 Million People Could Die (NaturalWisdom)

VERY INTERESTING: Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out

What if 5g wrecked immune systems and thereby boosted the virulency of the normal cold? One of the main points about 5G was that it would wreck immune systems and make people sick. Silicon vall(e)y does not want it and THE KICKER: People in Wuhan say 5G sucks and that 4G was better.


I remember now that Wuhan was where the tech was going to be put in place first but forgot all about that with this “pandemic”. What if all we are seeing in Wuhan is sickness from exposure to excessive 5G radiation, and weakened immune systems?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . .

Wuhan rumor:

Rumor has it that china only had triple digit numbers of test kits for corona virus and ran out, and that’s why the numbers have stayed in triple digits. I’m not sure this is legit, but I’ll throw it out there. One thing is certain – fewer than 30 dead.

For departures and arrivals at the following link, you must scroll down to the bottom of the page. The list is for only a few hours of flights. There are probably over 200 total scheduled today.

Wuhan is not on lockdown and has not been on lockdown after all

There is a possibility the entire coronavirus event was a wag done to distract Americans from Trump’s impeachment. If that is not the case, why does Flightaware say Wuhan airport is operating?

There is no quarantine in place if that’s the case, and a few Chinese are managing to get through saying they are free to leave the city.

This stinks of a psy op, Flightaware is not hoaxing the fact there are still flights incoming and outgoing as usual. Anyone claiming there are not, including the MSM, is lying.


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    There’s something very dodgy about this coronavirus crap and the only thing we can be sure of is that whatever it is they’re telling is, the truth lies elsewhere.

    And for Gawd’s sake, don’t accept any vaccinations against it!

    REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn This is NOT a “global health emergency”, so why is everyone pretending otherwise?

    …. As always with the mainstream media, it’s difficult to take anything for granted.

    We don’t know the casualty numbers are accurate, China could be downplaying the threat to minimise panic.

    We don’t know that the “lockdown” is as extensive as our media report, the press could be exaggerating to paint China as hysterical or autocratic.

    We don’t even know for sure the disease exists at all, when you think about it.

    As usual, absolute scepticism is required. It’s hard to say exactly what’s happening yet, but when 26 deaths makes international news…that means something is going on.

  2. Derek says:

    Suspicions will inevitably be aroused, and disclaimed as conspiracy theories – as usual.

    Farage was on LBC yesterday (Sunday 26 Jan) talking direct to an emeritus professor from Aberdeen who claimed any vaccine will be long in coming, as no test cases are available for analysing to develope a vaccine, then there’s testing for safety and efficacy.

    Others were calling from Hong Kong and Beijing telling of deserted streets, closed businesses, and everyone wearing masks.

    A densely populated country like China will inevitably be a source of rapidly developing and rapidly spreading disease from sheer numbers alone, but what better place to start a eugenics program as people move around to be with relatives celebrating a new Chinese year.

    Deaths are reportedly around 80 just now. two of whom were Doctors working with Coronavirus.

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      Streets are deserted because Chinese New Year started on Saturday 25th Jan. I’d expect all the shops,cafes and restaurants would be closed – all Chinese-run businesses close on Chinese New Year.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Reminds me of the Sars ‘epidemic’ which I cover in my autobiography, as I was in Asia at the time. Hotel rooms were dirt cheap. Planes and airports were empty. Two weeks later it was all over bar about 50 who died including doctors who worked out what kind of virus it was, and they realised that fresh air was sufficient to overcome it. This time they’ll want to build the panic to the point that millions rush onto their needles and get really sick as a result of doing so.

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