5G’eed Up!

Extract from my next book. Continuing on from From Cows To Chains.  My Extraordinary Life.

The fracking threat rumbled on (literally) for a few more years until 2020.  The UK was freed when the moratorium over England was put in place, after another series of earthquakes occurred, caused by fracking in Lancashire.

Yet fracking is not the only environmental threat we face.  Recovering from illness over the last fifteen years has proved to me beyond doubt that our tendency to become ill is greatly increased by environmental factors, which are not always within our own control.  For example tap water contains a great deal of toxicity. Everyone should filter it and only drink and cook in water that’s been filtered down to 1 micron.  In addition, fresh unpolluted air helps, as does access to natural light.  Fresh food grown locally or even by yourself is a big help.  These things are fairly well known.

Far less well known are the negative effects to health of mobile phone technologies and wifi, which use pulsed microwaves to transport data all around us, creating an electrosmog, which our body’s cells don’t find conducive to well-being.

In early 2019, my sleep had declined in quality and I was once more losing energy and condition.  Shane suggested I went to see the Breakspear Hospital to try to find out what was causing this, which I did.  After a discussion with the doctor, I realised there was a possibility that the effects I was noticing were being caused by emfs or electro magnetic frequencies.  The doctor thought my symptoms were consistent with being electro hyper sensitive.  This, she explained to me, often happens with people who have had significant chemical damage to their cells, as I have had from my early life.

At this time, Shane’s mother and cousin had arrived in our house for an extended visit to help us with Selene who was then aged eight months, just at the same time as a new neighbour had moved in.  While the last neighbour had little in the way of wifi and DEC phones, the new neighbour was fully equipped with DEC phones on all three floors and was broadcasting enough emfs to be sending significant amounts through the wall.  Shane’s mother and cousin both had their cellphones with them, which due to the time difference to the Philippines, they were using at night in the floor above us, directly above our heads.

I hired an emf surveyor to confirm what the doctor suspected to be the case, and he found that, as well as our own wifi and cellphones playing a part, the levels coming through the wall from next door were indeed high, and at a level which would affect electro hyper sensitive people.

He recommended shielding with suitable barriers against the walls.  But these were not acceptable to Shane.  Instead I bought bed nets made out of a fabric called silver bobbinet, which suspends from the ceiling like a mosquito net, hanging over and around the beds.  Using a meter I was able to arrange these, along with under bed protection, to send the level of emfs at night down to zero.

I also bought 275 centimetre by 100 sheets of the fabric,  which I can cover myself with when readings are high, wrapping it around like a shawl or wearing it over my head like someone impersonating a ghost, wearing a cap under the fabric.  The silver bobbinet reflects 90% of the emfs and makes the environment feel more relaxed.  Sleep improved and there were less tell tale symptoms in the children like nosebleeds.

By using the various protections I have proved that my own health was being affected by emfs, and my doctor at the Breakspear was right in advising me to do all I can to reduce my exposure and that of our family.

I removed wifi from our home sending the BT signal round our electric circuit instead of through the air.  I no longer carry a mobile phone and I try to get as much internet useage as possible onto wired devices and off phones with all members of the family.

I also use a sheet of silver bobbinet in the car.  I bought all the fabric from Swisstulle who make it in Chard in Somerset.  In the car I cover my trunk with a double fold, or hang the net from the sun visors when we are parked near a phone mast, facing the car directly towards the mast.  Using the meter I can reduce levels of emf exposure down to the point where I get no effects.  I get far less chest pains and sleep much better at night as a result of all these things.  Occasionally I get headaches and to counter this I wear a silver bobbinet hood, although, as with other electro hypersensitive people I speak to, the biggest effect of pulsed microwaves is in the main trunk of the body.  The skull provides a limited amount of protection to peoples’ heads.  Traffic lights give off emfs as do cars with automatic braking or steering systems.  For some reason Volvos give off the most severe level of signal according to my meter when I’m sat parked on the roadside.

Occasionally I wear silver bobbinet in more public locations, like airports where there is huge electrosmog mostly from other passengers, but this is not popular with my family who feel embarrassed being stared at by a non-comprehending public.  Shane says she might make me some hidden garments from the material at some point.

Being what’s called ‘electro hyper-sensitive’ is possibly a net benefit to health, as most people are not aware their bodies’ cells are being impaired by mobile phone signals and other emfs.  For people like me who are aware and feel the effects, at least we can do things to reduce the quantity we are absorbing each day, with regard to the current technologies 3G and 4G.

The emf consultant checked the business over too as well as our house, and he found emf hot spots in the office where staff were using wireless headsets.  These were giving off very high signal.  These we replaced with wired headsets as we had had previously.  We also switched off all wifi signals in the building, only switching on when in use, and asked staff to keep their phones switched off while at work.  Many have reported improved health after these measures were introduced, some experiencing dramatic improvement and having very few days off compared to previously.  These signals are not 5G, but 3G and 4G, and yet there are clearly huge health effects being caused by them in some people, who were not previously aware.

The government and the corporations now want to push out 5G which is up to twenty times more powerful than 4G.  If they do this, it will cause loss of life, ruin the quality of life, affecting mental health, and make having babies a far more hazardous process with birth deformities and problems resulting from damaged DNA.

Being highly concerned about 5G, Ian R Crane has moved on from campaigning against fracking, since the industry is now in decline with billions being lost all over the world.  The lands and waters in places that have been fracked are permanently damaged and will never be the same ever again.  Many people have died and many made ill or financially ruined.  We were lucky.   For many people who could not stop the industry across the world, it is already too late.  But the threat level of 5G is massively more severe than it ever was from fracking.  The media seems unconcerned talking only of commercial benefits, just as they were doing with fracking six years ago.

The pro and anti 5G campaigns are now in full flow.  Ian R Crane’s presentations on 5G are some of the best you will hear and I recommend you listen to one such as this one.  It could save your life and many others if we stop this technology.  In truth it is more like a weapon than a communications device.


Even 4G and 3G are dangerous, as we have proved beyond doubt.  As Barrie Trower said, anyone putting wifi into a classroom should be thrown into jail and the key thrown away.  The cells and DNA of the children are being put in danger.

I tried to inform my son’s school, and was initially told to keep quiet and not to bring my electro-magnetic meter onto the school’s premises.  I agreed not to name the school on Tap News and delete the names of the staff from the posts.  They even threatened to ban me!  But once they found out the school could not insure against the damage they are doing to the children, as the insurance industry will not cover damage from electro magnetic frequencies, their attitude seemed to soften.   It’s the old story.  People can understand what money is, but sadly, not much else.  I am pleased the school is at least now starting to listen, but as at this moment there is still wifi in all the classrooms.  Lloyds of London are suggesting people should sue their schools later in life for exposing them to so much microwaving while they were young.  I would think quick action to replace wifi with ethernet would be preferable to waiting and seeing, and might save schools from future bankruptcy.

I am working to influence Shropshire Council, as regards both 5G generally, and wifi in schools as I did before with the fracking issue.  Keith Barrow has retired so I work through other Councillors now.   We have hopefully delayed or possibly stopped the infliction of 5G onto Shropshire, although up until recently Chris Hesketh of Frack Free Dudleston, who works for BT, was advocating that 5G should be adopted. He has recently stated that he is neutral on 5G, which for a former environmental campaigner, seems inexplicable.

I hope we can stop 5G permanently, but if the public remains ignorant, the government will build up pressure on the Council to have it installed.  Maybe the good Councillors we have now will be driven out of office by fake news stories in the media, and brainwashed replacement Councillors brought in. There needs to be a more public discussion and local pressure groups to stop bodies like Extinction Rebellion who are pro-5G.

Equally unfiltered LED lights have been shown to cause cancers, especially breast and prostate (Exeter University report).  These are being installed across Britain regardless of the risks, not to mention in peoples’ homes and offices.  People need natural light or incandescent light, as these wavelengths do not disrupt circadian rhythms and melatonin secretion.  It is thanks largely to Ian R Crane that I have been able to work to inform Councillors about these matters.  We are fortunate in Shropshire in that the currently elected Councillors are willing to listen.

The media are no help at all, tending to victimise councillors who stand up against the corporations and their destructive technologies with false allegations of corrupt behaviour.  Keith Barrow faced years of false allegations which he could not defend himself against due to legal rules.  Other councillors are finding similar with one facing media allegations that he had the road where he lives resurfaced when it only needed potholes filling.  He had nothing to do with the decision to resurface it, but in the local newspapers they renamed it as his road and openly accused him without evidence. Councillors prefer to work in private as a result of this assault on their reputations, networking in peace.  Who can blame them?  But they are working and talking.  That is the great thing and they are not stupid.

To protect a house from 5G will require a copper mesh called ‘silk’ or ‘Faraday mesh’, which captures the energy of the 5G signal and sends it to earth.  Faraday cages are common in the military where microwave weaponry requires the operatives to be protected.  Corporations like Shell use Faraday cages to protect staff using microwave signalling systems.  Protecting a home will cost tens of thousands of Pounds.

People should also be aware that the global warming meme is a con.  There has been a warming period through most of my life with high solar activity, nothing to do with carbon dioxide, which makes up a mere 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere, and of that only 3% is caused by human activity.  The warm period is now ending, and in 2019 there were no sunspots for two hundred and seventy five consecutive days.  As the sun’s electrical activity declines into the 400 yearly Grand Solar Minimum, the earth’s magnetosphere stretches far out into space, making earthquakes and volcanic activity more frequent. Unseasonal weather is being experienced in many parts of the globe as the jet stream moves around.  Freezing conditions and poor food production in unstable weather will be ultimately the result.  This could last for many years.

You can research The Grand Solar Minimum online. The output of Extinction Rebellion is pure nonsense, a Satanic group which will persuade people to render themselves infertile and save the earth.  Why not just tell people the truth?  Our climate is almost entirely driven by the sun, and we need to adapt to its cycles, not hide them from the people, and use technologies to add to the sun’s changing moods making them more lethal to humanity.  Humans are not affecting the weather, except through weather control systems run by governments such as HAARP and chemtrails, which you can see each day in the sky above.  The interventions are all designed to make the situation worse.  Weather is their most powerful political weapon.  5G will also enable the government and the corporations to track your actions every second of every day.  That’s why they are so keen to rush it out into the environment.

This chapter was left out of my autobiography – From Cows To Chains – My Extraordinary Life, and will be included in my next book.


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  1. Derek says:

    Totally agree with all you have written, and coincidentally I live in rural Shropshire myself. We have had a miserable internet connection through adsl copper wire at 1.7Mbs, and have now changed to Airband with a small dish receiving signals from afar. The router is connected by ethernet cable to TV and PC, but the family are addicted to their smartphones. This bothers me.

    We rarely get a decent nights sleep, but that has been the case for the last 32yrs since our first born, and we have moved around since than.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Not to mention watch phones, fitbits, internet connected toys and many other sources of emf like the cooker which also needs switching off when not in use. Do whatever you can, and find life gets easier. It’s like smoking was in the 1920s. Killed tens of millions.

  3. tapnewswiremember says:

    Look at what they may be blaming the future 5G casualties on – the coronavirus.

    Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out

    What if all we are seeing in Wuhan is sickness from exposure to excessive 5G radiation, and weakened immune systems?

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . .

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