5G. No Huwei.

The UK is uniquely capable of monitoring Huawei as a security threat, owing to the decision over 15 years ago to use its technology in Britain’s 4G and broadband networks. The UK has a special lab in place that assesses the company’s hardware and software for security risks.

So far, Britain’s security services have not found any evidence of nefarious behaviour by Huawei. They have, however, been highly critical of sloppy work which has left the UK’s existing network vulnerable to cyberattack.

Front Bench

TAP – To my mind, allowing a weak link in the UK’s existing network is entirely deliberate, so that dismantling our access to the internet on 3G and 4G can be blamed on a foreign power.  This can be presented as a casus belli.  They always want wars and need to give the people reasons why.  What better one than to say the reason you have no access to the internet or phone is those damned Chinese.  In fact we’ve cooperated with them every inch of the way, so that our countries can be sued to destroy each other when the time comes.  Very neat.

As for 5G that is itself a killing device a hundred times more powerful than 4G.  Birth deformities, infertility, mental health issues, illnesses of all kinds.  The perfect depopulation weapon.  Ho0w convenient that it will be placed in foreign hands.  And how fast it is being pushed in the media.  Buy shares in the undertaking business, or stop 5G.


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