White Island volcano. Is it for real?

I’m waiting for some reporting which convinces me this is a real event.

Things like the below do not convince.

BBC –  Many of the survivors are still in intensive care. Some have been unable to identify themselves because their burns are so severe, police say.

Pictures like this don’t look real.  Where’s the grief? and the shock?  Balloons?  really?  They look like props.

But who knows?  I will reserve judgement until we get something more meaty than the main media froth and waffle.



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  1. Aldous says:

    Hi Tap. I was having much the same thought myself since said reported(sic) events unfolded. “Some have been unable to identify themselves etc…”
    If you are in ICU hanging onto life, you don’t get asked pesky questions as to who you are.
    Also, one naturally assumes that some form of ID will have been on the victims?

    It beggars belief that guided tours will have been allowed onto an active volcano which had recently been put on increased level of alert of blowing its top. Why would anyone want to visit a volcanic rock anyway? What would they be hoping to see? Actually getting up to the crater itself appears to have been no mean feat.
    They would have to pay me to do that and not the other way round!

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