We will not leave, and Nigel Farage knows this.

Boris Osman’s pitch for popularity has been stunning since his election victory.  But shouldn’t we beware of the Greeks bearing gifts, as were the Trojans before Troy fell, when Greeks hid inside the famous wooden horse.  There just had to be a catch.

The Brexit con will soon become apparent as the ‘details’ come to light.  And here they are, as explained by UK Column.  Brexit is the wooden horse, the gift, but like the horse of old, it contains EU police and soldiers about to seize control of our country. while we celebrate the gift.

Britain’s future defence arrangements with the EU are not part of Brexit. The European Commission has agreed with the UK government that security and defence should be a completely separate package of negotiation.

(TAP – ‘security’ includes MI5 and 6 and the policing of Britain alongside command of our military.)

Think about how clever this whole Brexit thing has been:

  • By separating the ‘divorce’ from the ‘future relationship’, government can claim ‘Brexit’ in the full knowledge that deal or no deal there will be a ‘future relationship’ which will see is back into many, or all, the institutions we had left.
  • By separating defence into a completely different negotiation, it can be kept out of the public discourse completely.

These two bullet points define Brexit, which as I have said since 2016, is a completely fraudulent process. We will not leave, and Nigel Farage knows this.

And so does Francois Fischer, Head, Intelligence Analysis Division, EU Intelligence.

Earl Howe’s response usually follows a template: “The Prime Minister has made it clear that the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU will not lessen our commitment to European security and defence … NATO is the cornerstone of UK defence … The EU has no plan to build an EU Army.

By insisting on using the language of an ‘EU Army’, Farage diverts his electorate away from the correct description: #EUDefenceUnion, and this offers politicians of all political hues the get out of jail free card of plausible deniability.




4 Responses to “We will not leave, and Nigel Farage knows this.”

  1. Tom74 says:

    So why did Farage stand down his candidates against the Tories then? Either he is a liar or he doesn’t want to leave the EU either.

  2. Tapestry says:

    He’s made to lead anti-EU people down blind alleys by the system, and not mention certain topics. But if he didn’t operate at all, we would be in the Euro by now. The demonic forces that control politics from behind the scenes try to use him for their ends, but on occasions his influence has been effective in slowing our enslavement inside the EU. A lot depends on Johnson from here. Will he run with the baton and push out EU influence or cave in? We will see.

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