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  1. Gordon says:

    For those of you that have eyes to see and ears to hear listen up.

    Those that call themselves Jews and are not are deceiving you and the world into believing that they are somehow a special race and they are the chosen people of God. Nothing could be further from the truth! Unless that is, it is the god of this world, Satan!

    The race that calls themselves Jews have conned you into believing that they are the collective 12 tribes of Jacob as one nation calling themselves Israel.

    The twelve sons of Jacob are as follows:-

    1. Reuben: the name means see a son – Whose mother was Leah.
    2. Simeon: the name means one who hears – Whose mother was Leah.
    3. Levi: the name means attached – Whose mother was Leah.
    4. Judah: the name means praise – Whose mother was Leah.
    5. Issachar: the name means for reward – Whose mother was Leah.
    6. Zebulun: the name means honour – Whose mother was Leah.
    7. Gad: the name means a troop is coming – Whose mother was Zilpah Leah’s maid.
    8. Asher: the name means happy – Whose mother was Zilpah Leah’s maid.
    9. Joseph: the name means may he add – Whose mother was Rachel. Joseph’s two sons, whom Jacob adopted as his, were – Manasseh: the name means causing to forget and Ephraim: the name means Double fruitfulness.
    10. Benjamin: the name means son of my right hand -Whose mother was Rachel.
    11. Dan: the name means he has vindicated – Whose mother was Bilhah Rachel’s maid.
    12. Naphtali: the name means my struggle – Whose mother was Bilhah Rachel’s maid.

    No mention of “Jew” there then. And don’t think it is related to Judah, it is not. The proper name for Judah is Yahuda. You see our “J” in our English alphabet didn’t come into existence until 1850 and the translators of the Bible wrongly interpreted Yahuda as Jew.

    This was only meant to be a comment but could go for hours. If you are truly interested in learning the truth and history of the Jews then follow the links below to have your eyes opened.





  2. ian says:

    Thanks for the links Gordon.

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