Sun’s influence on weather never mentioned by the main media

The grand solar minimum is deepening.  No sunspots for 271 days in a row.  What else do they know?

By keeping people unaware of solar activity and the lack of it, the politicians can dangerously manipulate the minds of schoolchildren to believe that mankind is the main influence on weather changes.  The department of education does nothing to reverse the activities of Extinction Rebellion and protect the minds of children.


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  1. Gordon says:

    I recall some years back of a chap that could accurately forecast Earth’s weather by observing solar activity. He accurately forecasted some weeks before Christmas that specific parts of the USA would have storms on Christmas day while in Scotland on the same day Glasgow would have snowfall while the rest of the country would not. He wanted to teach the Met Office his method for a couple of million pounds but was turned down.

    Not too many months ago I read an article stating that scientist had launched a new weather satellite which would give us a 75% more accurate weather forecast. Ehh! Work that one out.

    My personal opinion of our current daily weather forecasting system is that it not often right and wrong again!

  2. Derek says:

    Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn (brother to ‘that’ Corbyn):
    His forecasts are more accurate than the Met Office, but not 100%. Nonetheless, not bad at around 80% plus.
    Milankovich cycles:

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