Promises. Promises.

This new Conservative majority government has two immediate tasks. It does need as the PM says to “get Brexit done”, which means taking back control of our money, borders and laws, and means negotiating that Free Trade Agreement the EU has promised in principle. It also means an early budget, as we are in urgent need of a stimulus, at a time of world slowdown and worldwide manufacturing recession.


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    Anyone into conspiracies?
    You know how these cabal guys have to give us hints of what they are planning to do to us.
    Is Soros going to attack the £ before Brexit?
    Say on 3 January 2020?

    • Tapestry says:

      The lift in the £ just experienced up to the election suggests the currency could be ‘in play’. Of course Brexit will give the money men an excuse to catch people out, make money and also be good for their politics. Markets move in both directions. We’ve just had the lift. A drop to follow would be natural but how far? $1.15? That would make Soros a tidy sum after $1.35. The top would be $1.40 or so according to charts which convert support to resistance, once support fails. $1.40 was the floor for Sterling for decades on end, and must (=could be!) now be the ceiling. If you have cash, silver is still lowish in my estimation, but you need to pay VAT to buy it. A big drop in the £ might pay off some of your VAT if nothing else!

      • tapnewswiremember says:

        You could always buy your silver from Estonia while we’re still in the EU. VAT on silver transactions there is at 0%. If you search, you’d find retailers based in Estonia who cater to the export market. But the courier you use must be separate from the seller

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