Our demonic world

QUEEN VICTORIA gave a special medal to a man who brought her 20,000 clay tablets which described evil demons. One of those demons inspired the book of THE EXORCIST movie… But that is just the start… Queen Victoria ordered that all 20,000 tablets be shipped back to Britain… But the British Royals went further – they demanded that an ENTIRE TEMPLE of the ANUNAKI be brought back from ancient IRAQ! Why? Because the clay tablets explained that Adam in the Garden of Eden married a female Demon called LILITH… 100 years later, Queen Elizabeth gave permission for a 30-foot statue of one of these demons to be erected in the Royal Mall in London, just yards from the doorstep of Buckingham Palace…

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The 20,000 clay tablets turn the Bible upside down, and claim that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was kind and benevolent. The tablets also contain PACTS with demons which live on the ‘Dark Side’ of the TREE OF LIFE in the Kabbalah. These tablets have been the property of the British Royals since Victorian times…

These Demons have been secretly worshipped by Jewish Kabbalists for thousands of years. Now, for the first time, CHRIS EVERARD publishes the links between the ancient Hebrew Royal Families of Europe and their employment of magicians at shrines in Jericho, Lebanon and North Africa called TOPHETS. Magicians at these shrines abducted and murdered children for their blood in order to ‘please’ these ancient demons which are described in the 2,000 year old clay tablets and were featured in some of the earliest ever made Silent Movies…

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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    Go watch some Mauro Biglino videos on YT. They’d be in Italian but there’ll be plenty with English subtitles.

    The guy was engaged by the Vatican to produce a literal translation of the Sumerian cuneiform tablets which were used to form the basis of the bible stories.

    “The Bible is not an Holy Book” is his sixth book, preceded by“There is no creation in the Bible”, “The Alien God of the Bible”, “The book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible”,“Resurrection Reincarnation”, “Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry”.

    I won’t give you the YT links – you can easily find them yourself.

    The symbol for what we call ‘Holy Spirit’ looks like an upside down flying saucer over 2 wavy lines – it’s called ruach. RUACH doesn’t mean spirit. It means wind, or anything flying in the air quickly and causing wind. The pictogram shows an alien scoutcraft hovering over waterand it represents the sound that is made when this was happening.

    Biglino also covers the garden of Eden and original sin. They’re nothing like what we’ve been told.

    Also that ‘being made in God’s image’ is about the genetic modification of humans by inserting some of their alien DNA into the human’s And while they were experimenting with messing up human DNA, they made a lot of crappy creations until they finally settled on something that kinda worked.

    “While the first story tells us of that we’ve been made with Elohim’s ‘TSELEM’, thus with Elohim’s DNA, the second tale tells us that Elohim’s acted on the AFAR, thus on the dust, on the clay that there was here on Earth.

    This has two meanings because AFAR comes from the Accadian TIKIT that indicates both clay and what contains the form because clay is something which can assume and contain a form.

    It means that this second tale is seen from the point of view of the hominid DNA which was present here on Earth.

    So, we’ve been made with Elohim’s ‘TSELEM’ that has been inserted into the AFAR, which is what contains the form and was already present here on Earth, thus the hominid DNA”
    End quote

    Guys, those clay tablets recorded a hostile alien invasion. The hostile aliens were far more powerful than the humans on Earth and they modified our DNA to make us into compliant slaves. There’s no need to fear a hostile alien invasion – it happened thousands of years ago and the controllers are still here. They operate behind the human cut-outs that we see. These Illuminati bloodlines are the equivalent of the Jewish guards in the Nazi concentration camps and we are the slaves; the livestock

  2. tapnewswiremember says:

    What we call demons are higher dimensional entities of a negative polarity. Just as ‘angels’ are higher dimensional entities of a positive polarity. There’s been ETs throughout human history. It’s simply a matter of semantics.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Take a look at the SECRET SPACE section Part 4 in Everard’s Enigma Channel. There are millions of orbs flying around our heads unseen by the naked eye, but easily caught on camera. They are making the crop circles inter alia and are clearly intelligently controlled. They are distributed by flying serpents – all filmed in this documentary. Pay TV though.

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