London (t)error event analysed.

A video concerning the latest terror attacks in Europe. We see an increased push for more false flags in major cities around Europe in an attempt to stifle the so called great awakening that is rapidly spreading all over the western world. The terror attack on Stockholm Arlanda airport was avoided due to leaks and brave people that rapidly shared information concerning this potential false flag.

We could see all the evidence on a possible fals flag with a new terror law being ready two days before. Just like so many other times the legislation to further infringe on peoples liberty was already prepared and ready. After all these attacks there is always a fast push towards more control and spending on surveilance and censourship. It is of great importance that we expose all these attacks for what they are so we can manifest a society of freedom based on love and good knowledge to all people. Please share with friends and family to help avoid more chaos and more disturbances in our societies.

Operation Seagull postponed.  Israeli embassies on strike worldwide.  why?

Trying to push Sweden into NATO.

The world is awaking so they’re rushing out the 5G total control agenda.


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