Farage played it right

Farage must be living under a big burden. If the Tories come up short because he has stood candidates in Conservative-Labour marginals and let Labour in, he will be accused of losing Brexit.

Because you can be sure of one thing. Unless there is a Tory majority government Brexit will be in real jeopardy. Real jeopardy. Wouldn’t it be the supreme irony if the man who did more to bring about Brexit than anyone ended up as the one who scuppered it?

Iain Dale writing on Conservativehome.

The Brexit Party has probably not won a seat as UKIP before it.  But would Brexit even be an issue were it not for these two Farage lead no-hopers?  Britain would have been put into the Euro, if UKIP wasn’t around in 2001.

This time I voted for an independent.  All the talk about the election being close in recent days was simply in the interests of all sides, and it’s been obvious that Boris would romp home.  Being wise after the event I suppose saying that now!



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  1. stevie k says:

    Will Boris’s “deal” be any better than Treason May’s stitch up?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Very unlikely stevie I fear. The relief at finally getting some political clarity will probably give de Pfeffel a free pass. I fear that we will get the Maybot Brino rather than Brexit……. de Pfeffels deal is almost the same as Maybots …..

      The Tories have already signed up to pay for the ECB when we “leave”. They’ve also already signed up to an EU common armed forces. Most folk aren’t even aware of those 2 massive concessions. They are also fully signed up to ongoing major immigration. What else has been agreed in private? I guess that we will know soon enough….

      • Tapestry says:

        The majority is too big. Front Bench says he can ignore the ERG (European Reform Group of eurosceptic Tory MPs). I’m not so sure as until we see what the new MPs are made of, the eurosceptic wing could be growing.

  2. Cobalt says:

    IDOX had a big part to play in this. Friends of Israel and friends of the Conservatives.

    A ‘poll’ is a poll… you could have a poll on how many people prefer Coronation Street to Eastenders and that would be circumstantial too.

    Let’s not forget an ‘election’ is the same word as (s)election. The S missing standing for scrutiny. Something politicians don’t know the meaning of.

    – Cobalt

    • archer says:

      I agree. The psychological conditioning going on regarding the exit polls prediction of a Tory landslide was nauseating, and makes the electorate less likely to question how and why.

      The sample size for the exit polls were pitifully low and only from 144 constituencies as I recall. Surely they couldn’t have surveyed mainly Tory safe-seat?

      • Tapestry says:

        I was not at all sure about the news media claiming the election was going to be close which it was doing until the exit polls came out. All along it seemed certain labour were going to do badly (last time the 4 million Ukippers backed Labour), Lib Dem were going nowhere leaving only one party to pick up the spoils. It was not in Conservative interests to advertise this likely outcome as their supporters might not turn out unless they feared Corbyn had a chance. The media was playing the game of pretending it would be a close election for that purpose. The first exit poll showed that the close election narrative was just another ‘narrative’. Sadly the Conservative majority is now too big and Johnson might be able to ignore the ERG and not be under pressure to move to no deal.

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