Earthquakes and volcanic activity growing worldwide will affect the global economy.

In California theft of goods valued under $1000 is now only classified as a misdemeanour.  Mayhem is the result with mobs attacking stores.

When food prices start being affected by the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), the thefts could close food stores.

The GS Minimum is increasing volcanic and earthquake activity worldwide.  This will keep on coming.  Ash covered areas won’t be farmable.  Water filters will clog.  Are there any underground resources nearby?  Water shortages could be worse than food shortages.  People need to be able to barter as cash might become unuseable.   People will want hard currencies.

People should think about holding hard traceable assets, not pieces of paper.

Solar energy is decentralised energy.  The world will decentralise.

Make water using a dehumidifier, and put it through a carbon filter, running from solar energy.

Have 90 days of medical kit.

Gas and diesel might not be available for weeks on end.


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