Big government and the missing trillions.

 A reader recently read this paper and then commented, “So, was Catherine Austin Fitts basically right then?” Since I didn’t know what he meant, he sent me a link to a video, explaining her theory. Apparently, she has published a book claiming the missing trillions in the federal budget are being diverted into the Space Program. I watched the first 30 seconds of the interview with “Dark Journalist” Daniel Liszt and already saw through the hoax. My clues? Liszt’s name and his eyes. I knew something was up from only that. I could tell this was another young man from the Families—probably a descendant of Franz Liszt. But his eyes gave him away more than anything. I knew he wasn’t to be trusted in the first two seconds. The fact that Fitts is an ex-Gwoman (HUD) is also a big clue. Once CIA always CIA, and once high-level federal employee always high- level federal employee. Her eyes are hidden by big glasses, but I got the same bad feeling listening to her. I remember her from my early days in the 911 Truth community, since she came out with the famous “cui bono” argument back then. I now think she was just establishing street cred in the Truth

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community, like so many of these people we have since exposed: Alex Jones, Sofia Smallstorm, Simon Shack, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, and pretty much all the rest. At any rate, what she is doing here is very simple and transparent. Notice the point at which she says, “I really believe that what they saw on Voyager scared them to death” (min 34:20). She also says that Zapata Oil Co. wasn’t doing offshore oil drilling, it was drilling missile silos (min 29:30). And at 31:30, she says that all the money missing from the Congressional budgets has to be going somewhere. That is your handle. Just ask yourself this: does that money have to be going somewhere? Or, in other words, does it have to be going to some real project? Or could it just be stolen? Meaning, the place it is going is directly to the trillionaires offshore covert bank accounts.

Now you may see what Fitts and Liszt are up to. They are making you think the money is being diverted to covert but still important projects. We have to protect ourselves from hostile aliens or something. But we saw above that is all just a cover. The alien project is a cover. Meaning, it is fake. There is no alien threat. In my opinion, there may be aliens, but they are no threat. Just think about it: if there were hostile aliens in our vicinity, we would be toast. We wouldn’t last an hour against them. If they have the technology to get here in the first place, we are at their mercy. No amount of missile silos or black budgets will make any difference. Spending against an alien threat is just as stupid as spending against the Sun going dark. In both cases, there is absolutely nothing we could do about it.

But Fitts wants you to think these Department of Defense bigwigs still have your safety in mind, even while diverting trillions from the budget and lying to you about it. She wants you to think this money is actually being spent on something. While my assumption is it is being spent on nothing. It is simply being stolen.

You will say I showed above it was going to silent night-time transport for the billionaires and for caesium tech. Yes, some of the money from past decades went to that, and may still be going to that, but that isn’t the same as this gargantuan money hole Fitts is talking about, concerning prepping for an alien war. We have had this transport for many decades, so current costs shouldn’t be that high. R&D was done long ago, and these new planes are probably no more expensive than commercial jets. They probably cost far less than a B1 bomber, for instance, the price of which is mostly a phantom.

Also remember that they are now admitting the missile defense systems were always a big money hole, since they don’t work anyway. Well, I would say it is far worse than that. All indications are those missile silos never contained anything but dummy hardware anyway. It was all a big conjob, like a Hollywood mockup. The Cold War was never anything but an excuse to bill you billions for nothing, so the missile silos either don’t exist, or exist only as fronts and sets. If soldiers are paid to man them, they are only being paid to play solitaire.

Therefore, my opinion is Fitts and Liszt are just controlling the opposition, as usual. As we have seen with Musk and SpaceX and the red roadster in space, the “Space Program” is a total fiction, created in CGI and sold with bad actors. Likewise with this alien threat—which, you may remember, the Hawking impostor was also selling before his fake death. For the most part, the stolen trillions are not being diverted into real programs, overt, covert, or any other kind. They are being diverted directly into the coffers of the trillionaire families, with only a story and some fake video as cover. And it isn’t just a few trillion. The “trillions” Fitts is talking about are the 2 or 3 trillion unaccounted for in early 2002. Remember Cynthia McKinney grilling Donald Rumsfeld on the House floor in that year? But those trillions were only for a couple of fiscal years. It is now 17 years later, and countless trillions more have been stolen. These trillions don’t even come up in the newer stories, since they still have you connected to the 2.4 trillion of 2001. Which is of course another goal of the newer admissions.

Fitts and her pals keep you glued to the events of 2001 and before, so that you forget that was just the beginning of an ever-accelerating treasury theft. Either that, or they keep your eyes on the future: you are kept fearful of an upcoming economy collapse, so that you buy gold or silver or duct tape for the windows. But there is no upcoming crisis. The crisis is not upcoming, it is ongoing. You aren’t about to be raped, you and your fathers and mothers have already been raped. Worldwide treasuries have been emptied for centuries by these people, and yet you have never once noticed that they haven’t delivered anything they billed you for. The economy has been collapsed for centuries and is currently collapsed. By collapsed I mean that most of your taxes are simply being stolen in broad daylight, with nothing to show for them. That entire part of the economy is a vast charade. While at the same time, all the things a government should be doing aren’t being done. Your children aren’t being educated, your water isn’t being kept clean, companies aren’t being regulated, food isn’t being kept pure and nutritious, the Earth isn’t being protected, and money isn’t being spent on real research. Rather, the things actually getting done are things no rational person would wish done. Art history has been killed, science has been eviscerated, medicine has been kidnapped for profit, the family has been exploded, and the media has been turned into a giant whore.

So you really can’t take anything at face value anymore. I keep getting emails from bright readers, but many of them still aren’t getting it. I keep having to tell them: look closer. Open your eyes wider. Read each sentence twice and question everything. Demand sense from every article, and every paragraph in every article, and every sentence in every article, and every word in every article. If you bump into a contradiction, don’t keep going. Stop. Ask yourself if it is just an accident or an outcome of poor editing. It rarely is. It is usually a sign of the Matrix.

Like me, try to notice everything. Notice the guy’s name. Notice his face: his eyes, his mouth, the way he talks, his clothes, his blinking patterns, things in his background, posters on the wall behind him, things in the sidebar, articles he links to, things he is trying to sell, ads he has allowed on the site. Read his bio and follow all clues. Notice her fingernail polish, her hairstyle, her desk ornaments, her jewelry. Note where she went to school, who she is pictured with on the internet, how she has aged. Read her bio and follow all clues. If they have a Wiki page, study it closely, not just for what it says, but for what it does not say.

Addendum December 28, 2018:


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