When action conquers fear

An increasing number of people are seeing through the political smoke, mirrors, spin, lies, propaganda, and deceit that is cloaking the installation of a new political and social regime, in UK and world-wide. This ‘Regime’ is vehemently hostile to the very people it claims to protect. Yes people are waking up. But as this disturbing picture comes into focus, and as we see the nature of the political beast system, many people experience fear, anxiety, apprehension, worry, often leading to debilitating depression. These fears in turn give rise to a number of responses. Aggression played out in the worst case scenario as ‘they’ must be stopped by whatever means it takes, including violence on the streets. The aggression may spin off into verbal attacks on others who are not to blame for the ‘ills’, but are persons who simply do not share the same view or focus. With fear and aggression comes suspicion. Who to believe and who to trust? This quickly creates a downhill negative vortex. Others may counter the fear of the ‘stone wall’, knowing what is happening, but pretending that it is not – Burying their head in the proverbial sand. Others make the decision to run and hide – to lie low, and keep their head down, or to drop out into a new culture, ‘away’ and ‘safe’ from the troubles. “Yes … but what can we do? ” is an often heard phrase; usually with the caveat that ‘they’ have all the money and all the power and are thus just all powerful. That quickly sinks into the, “Oh it is helpless” mentality. Many adopt the critical stance, attacking others who try to do something, and at the same time doing nothing themselves. After all it is easier to attack others like ourselves than those powerful immensely wealthy creatures who are causing the problem in the first place. Many become tribal, looking to their party, or organisation, as the power that will act and save them from an increasingly dark future. Many succumb to the negative …”I know what you are saying, but it will never work, it’s a waste of time.” Some will shift blame from those responsible for driving the political agenda onto other groups against whom they hold a grudge. Can we win? Yes and we must. How do we break out of the straight-jacket of fear being built? The start is to be able to think. Clearly with measured human emotion, the best emotions, and of course using our common sense. Then we need to act, for in acting we conquer fear. And when we act we discover that we need not fear them, because they fear us, and always have.


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