One Response to “Weapon masquerading as a street light”

  1. kendrickdm says:

    Sorry Tap this one was a real light where the voiceover faked it as having capacities it did not have. The 240V capacitor was to regulate the power which is 430v for street lights(up to 600), the small wires to the LED lighting are to a step down transformer and AC to DC circuit not shown by the presenter I would rate anything there at 25 Watts capped power since LEDs will happily suck up power till they melt.

    No logic control unit for the microwave antenna so the unit is inactive, but by the size of the antenna it is a receiver not a broadcast antenna, you can have both any size you want but for a weapon you depend on gain from a step up transformer so bigger is better, what would make it ‘a weapon’ is huge gain big transmitter and a direction mechanism so FULL POWER can be directed at X person from several units to ‘cone’ him. Exposure operates under the inverse square rule omnidirectionally, so 1/((distance in meters * Power)^2 ) at zero meters you get full power

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