We have not five but eight senses.

In my book I write about telepathic experiences I have had, where I don’t always know the source of the messages coming in, but how important these can be in communicating danger.  My own feeling is that some of the messages are coming from people who are no longer with us.  As a result of my own experiences, Chris Everard’s advert below resonated with me.  I also write in my book (right hand column – Angels & Devils, My Extraordinary Life (covered as From Farmyard to Goldmine) about how religions have eliminated all knowledge about our true spirituality, how and when this was done in Britain and who by.

The most sacred secret

The most sacred secret in the history of mankind is the use of ‘Magical Herbs’ which can amplify our natural TELEPATHIC ABILITIES…  Mainstream science has been running a CONSPIRACY for centuries – they tell us we have ‘FIVE SENSES’ – but we know that the SENSE OF BALANCE is our SIXTH SENSE, and INTUITION is our SEVENTH SENSE… Then there is the EIGHTH SENSE – that is the TELEPATHIC SENSE felt most commonly between loving mothers and their children and between brothers and sisters…

NATURAL TELEPATHY, along with LUCID DREAMING and REMOTE VIEWING are ‘gifts’ which exist in most people – and MAGICAL HERBS can help to unlock and amplify these natural senses which mainstream science is seeking to erase and eradicate from the human population… MAGICAL HERBS are often HALLUCINOGENIC – and Shamans teach that many of these herbs, mushrooms, vines and saps found in nature are LIVING SPIRITS in their own right…

And that, is just the tip of the iceberg… Investigated in a 518 page large format hardcopy book and two hour DVD movie written and produced by CHRIS EVERARD.

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“This book is much more professionally produced than your average book – it has a full color chapter and every page is illustrated – it’s not just a great read – with plenty of humorous and astonishing observations – but Chris Everard has managed to condense hundreds of thousands of years of human history into a book which you literally cannot put down and laugh at on nearly every page. Chris has an easy readable, witty style, which is so lacking in most books on ancient history”

~ Ancient Earth blog

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