Tactical voting app coming out 14th November could save Britain

Even though the parties (i.e. Brexit and Conservative) refuse to do business with one another, we believe that voters can take matters into their own hands. Our huge grassroots campaign helped win the referendum in 2016 and, in more recent months, grassroots activism organised by Leave.EU helped deselect many of the worst pro-Remain Tory MPs.

That’s why we’re preparing to take matters into our own hands with a tactical voting app based on comprehensive analysis of voting trends, constituency demographic profiles, and the track record of local candidates. The Remainers are divided – if we can organise ourselves sensibly, we can crush them once and for all.

There are seats up and down the country where Brexiteers from the Tories and the Brexit Party need to do a deal to beat Labour. In June, pro-Brexit forces won a majority in Peterborough but Labour won the seat. We can’t let Corbyn sneak in because of a divided Leave vote!
We hope to launch the app shortly after nominations close on November 14, and push it into many of the key seats that will decide this election using our unparalleled social media reach.

You can help fund the development and promotion of the app by visiting leave.eu/donate or by sending cheques, made out to Leave.EU, to Leave.EU, 2430/2440 The Quadrant, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4AQ.

We rely on public donations to keep our campaign running, campaign contributions are more important than ever as we head towards December 12. All help is greatly appreciated.

The general election is on. We’ve been fighting for the 17.4m for the last three years, transforming the Tory Party and clearing out MPs who refuse to respect the referendum result. Now we need your help to deliver another crushing blow at the election.
The alternative is for Remainers to seize power, installing Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street, and force us into a rigged second referendum.

And that’s only the start of it. Do we want Diane Abbott as Home Secretary, overseeing our police force and entrusted to keep our families safe? How about John McDonnell in charge of the Treasury – this is a man who quoted from Chairman Mao in the House of Commons and is a self-described Marxist.

This election is about the fate of the country in more ways than one. If Brexiteers don’t work together, national independence will be taken from us and our Union will be destroyed.

It isn’t just the EU referendum they want to re-run. The sore loser SNP will demand a second vote on Scottish separatism in exchange for supporting Corbyn, having gotten the “wrong” result in 2014. And let’s not forget the Labour leader’s long-standing views on the Falklands and a united Ireland…


We need to regroup as a movement and win big on December 12. Either we get a government that supports leaving the European Union or we get a coalition of forces who want to break up the UK and chain us to Brussels, led by a party currently under investigation for institutional anti-Semitism and a man who described members of Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

In keeping with this time of year, it’s a frightful situation. But so long as we all dedicate ourselves to putting the Leave Alliance together we will give our side the best possible chance of victory, which is why we ask you to please support our great work at leave.eu/donate.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team


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