Secrets of the eye in the pyramid

My own take on Chris Everard’s work is that his pictures are superb and much of his research, but he is not as good a writer as would be nice, except in his adverts!

That said he is interesting, and the things he says.   I have no idea if his conclusions are correct, except my own experiences with demons and trapped souls as described in my own book Angels & Devils – marketed as The Man Who Turned A Farmyard Into A Goldmine – require a way that the powerful access the power of demons from beyond our own reality.  Chris has a go at describing how this is done.

The purpose of the demons, in my opinion, is to inhibit higher human spiritual potential, keeping us trapped in fear and confusion.  If you die in a content frame of mind, with your spirit unbroken, you can be powerful for the side of good beyond the grave.  This they do not want, which is why they are dedicated to ruining your life and lowering your happiness as much as they can.  Our job is not to let them and to remain content despite all their efforts. TAP

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Every book on prehistoric history and archaeology fails to describe to the reader the arcane detail of magical ceremony – so here is a layman’s guide to the basic functions of magical protocol; Generally, the spirits are invoked to appear within the confines of a triangular area which is placed one yard from the circumference of the magic circle. 

However, modern day magicians have taken to bringing this triangular (and sometimes circular) smaller pen – known as the Triangle of Art – inside the magic circle and placing a Dark Mirror or Crystal Ball in the centre of the Triangle of Art which has the ancient name of the lord almighty – TETRAGRAMMATRON – etched alongside the three sides. This ‘Triangle of Art’ is represented symbolically as a PYRAMID with the ALL SEEING EYE and the “$” is for SOLOMON, king of the Judeo-Babylonian magicians.

King Solomon’s temple was built on blueprints which Solomon had defined using a form of Ouija board – he had summoned Jinn demons and bonded them into his service by tricking the Jinn demon- genies into sleeping inside a brass vessel which had a spout and stopper. We know this today as the legend of the Genie in the Lamp.

Can you imagine how sensitive the Israelis would be if if it ever leaked out into the public domain that their historically important King Solomon was a black magician and the remaining wall of his temple is actually a building which was constructed under the tutelage of demons?

And that’s just the start of STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA – a 518 page book and 2hour film by CHRIS EVERARD. It is delivered with two DVDs.

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~ Ancient Earth blog

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