Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew seems like he’s being hung out to dry by the media.  Sure he may have been taking advantage of his wealth and position, and not being too bright, got himself into a bad position.  But the girls involved at least appear to be mature, if technically under age.  I am sure far worse is going on.  In fact we know from the Whistleblower Kids and many other sources that very young children are forced to provide sexual favours to pedophile rings.  Yet these people are all protected by the media, MPs, judges, police, teachers, social workers, military, journalists and many more.

The fact that Andrew is being exposed in the media tells you more about the agenda than it does about what Epstein was all about.   Andrew is being targeted as part of the destruction of the nation state with Royalty on the target list of the EU and their media stooges.  The EU wouldn’t want any Royal family to survive once their totalitarian state police are let loose on Britain.

What better way to destroy the royals than to expose some wrongdoing of the sexual kind?   I am sure the Jimmy Savile connection with Prince Charles could also tell a story, but no pedophile wrongdoing will ever be exposed.  The system likes to have children available to reward its most evil servants, but that’s out of bounds to the media.  The Satanic Cult that runs the world sees children as a meat rack.  Royals are nothing much to them, and can be safely disposed of once they’ve secured power over the nation states.  Brexit might save Royalty, but the EU won’t.  Is the destruction of Andrew’s reputation another clue as to how the world will be made to look before long if we allow the totalitarians to take over -selective trashing of reputations but never of those who exercise real power.

He allowed himself to be photographed apparently willingly enough, so didn’t imagine he was committing a major crime (or did he imagine himself on the protected list?).  He trusted Ghislaine Maxwell, another error.  Now he has no idea how to defend himself.

Attempts by Maxwell to cover up names in Epstein’s black book

Lolita Island. Epstein’s torture and rape factory.

Attempt to assassinate Trump reported


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  1. Mr Dude says:

    Very true – and Markle is the other Clinton-backed prong of this pincer movement.

    Markle’s associations with Soho House crowd need further investigation.

  2. Tom74 says:

    The evidence points to Washington and/or Israel being ehind this, hence the shameful failure of the Prime Minister and top Tories to come to Andrew’s defence. The American-Israelis and their propagandist Rupert Murdoch have long wanted the monarhy destroyed so they can completely control our political system via lapdog Tories like Johnson.

  3. Aldous says:

    It’s fascinating that such a senior royal is being (allowed to be) hung out to dry in this way.
    So, “What’s going on?” we should all be asking ourselves. The controlled, bought and paid for msm publish (and don’t publish) what they’re told, or woe betide.
    The Prince Andrew-Epstein story is hiding something very big that has already happened or is about to happen, or be announced. The pointless and ridiculous UK General Election on 12th December may provide some insight of sorts.

    Is Andrew a true ‘royal’ and one of ‘them’ for one thing? He looks nothing whatsoever like his three siblings, Charles, Anne and Edward, who all possess the ‘Windsor Curse’ of hair loss for the males and progressively appearing very ‘horsey’ in their appearance as they mature. Is Andrew being thrown under the bus because he’s not actually a royal?

    Has there been a very senior royal death that is being withheld and about to be blamed on the hounding of Prince Andrew to garner an outpouring of sympathy for the monarchy? Etc, etc.

    • Tapestry says:

      They have to cover up what Epstein was really about – underground torture, rape and killing dungeons on his two islands, St James and Great St James, with Bill Clinton to the fore. They are near Haiti where children are trafficked at $1 a head. Trump has challenged the Clintons in debates about what happened to the $14 billion they were given to rescue Haitians. That’s why there was an attempt on Trump’s life as he is not afraid to expose the Clintons and Epstein. The trashing of Andrew’s reputation for knocking off mature girls supplied by Epstein is a fraction of the real picture, and is the way they are trying to bury, redirect the real story. Andrew was probably not involved in the torture and murder on Epstein’s islands. See the post today for more details garnered from Chris Everard’s documentaries on Enigma TV – Lolita Island. There are 1 2 and 4 listed. What happened to 3? Epstein, no doubt still alive, is a eugenicist a la Mengele.

  4. tapnewswiremember says:

    Looks like this brave victim is about to be door knobbed:
    Epstein and Prince Andrew Accuser Posts Chilling Tweet: “I Am Not Suicidal”

  5. Tapestry says:

    It’s giving Error 404. Please copy text to Tap News.

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