Palme assassination was another fake. Sorry, Ole.

In the next section, we are told Palme and his wife took the subway unescorted to the cinema. How can people read this crap and not gag? The Prime Minister and his wife took the subway? That would be like seeing Donald and Melania riding the rail from Manhattan to Brooklyn in the middle of the night to get some Crispy Cremes.

Next we find the assassin only fired two bullets, one that hit Palme and one that hit his wife. Both bullets were found on the the street, but the brass (casings) were not found. The bullets had no characteristic deformations. What? Did they have any deformations? Probably not, since they had just been dropped on the street. If they hit a body, they should have deformed in some way, so this is pretty much to admit they didn’t. Since these bullets allegedly came from a .357 magnum, the bullet should have either hit a bone, causing major damage, or passed right through, in which case the bullet would have hit a wall or something—causing even greater deformation to the bullet. So that all reads as complete crap.

Lisbet Palme was allegedly “grazed” by a bullet. Oh yeah? So this guy shot her from point blank range with a .357 magnum and only grazed her? She was only slightly hurt? What sort of idiot misses someone from point blank range with a .357 magnum? And if he missed, why not shoot again? Why miss and then run off, leaving your target to identify you? Does that make any sense?

In the initial AP report, Dr. Birger Schantz—of the Swedish Defense Research Agency—said that Palme was killed instantly, with the bullet passing through his spine. The path of the bullet indicated the killer was a professional who knew where to hit his victim, Schantz was quoted as saying. So this professional then fired at Mrs. Palme from point blank range and missed? Actually, there is no evidence she was shot at all. No doctor attended to her and no report exists. Also, press photos exist of Mrs. Palme entering the ambulance and leaving it, but her coat is different in the two photos. Indicating the event was filmed on more than one day, with the usual continuity errors.

Here is all the evidence we get of the murder: The usual bad moulage job, in other words. The blood is the wrong color. It is too orange. And you can’t tell me it is just my computer screen, since the red flowers are the right color. Since it is daylight, that blood should have been there at least six hours. But old blood doesn’t look like that. It gets very dark. And do you really believe the authorities are just going to leave the Prime Minister’s blood on the ground, so that people can come throw flowers in it? How sick is that? This is obviously staged.

It reminds me of the Kennedy for President hat left in the fake pool of RFK’s blood in Los Angeles. It is set directors begging for an emotional response, but going way too far. There were above 25 witnesses, but amazingly none of them saw squat. They described the killer as 30 to 50 years of age, of average height and weight, wearing a dark coat. So, nothing useful. At first they described him as moving efficiently and powerfully, but after the arrest of Pettersson, many changed their testimony to describe him as having a limp. I guess it was an efficient and powerful limp. The police sketch given to the media was later admitted to be a fake, based on a “witness” who hadn’t even seen the man. So this is all crap as well, once again indicating a hoax. The witnesses were all planted actors.

There were three coroners who did an autopsy. They issued a preliminary statement but did not follow up with a final report. It does not exist. The autopsy records were then classified, allegedly to protect the feelings of the family. Where have we heard that before? Only fake autopsies are classified. There is no reason to hide real reports. A death certificate does exist, and Ole Dammegard publishes part of it in his book. He points out that both the date and the address are wrong on the form. The lead coroner, Milan Valverius, has a curious fact in his bio: not only had he been in the US at the time of the MLK assassination. . . he had assisted in the autopsy. Just another wacky coincidence, right?

Pettersson was picked out of a lineup by Mrs. Palme three years after the event. A lineup three years after the event? Is that even legal? This lady is going to remember a face at night after three years? People are actually terrible at recognizing faces, and women are generally the worst. Sorry, that isn’t prejudice, it is just my experience in a long life of noticing things. So call it post-judice. Plus, if you were going to shoot the Prime Minister and his wife, don’t you think you might wear a mask or a disguise? No, you are just going to walk up to them under a streetlight bareheaded, shoot only twice, and run off? Besides, we get a huge contradiction here. We were told above that the murderer shot them from behind at night on a dark street. So how did Mrs. Palme see him at all? And a second contradiction: Pettersson is supposed to have mistaken Palme for a drug dealer. So did this drug dealer also have a frumpy old wife who took the subway with him? That’s them several years earlier. Looks like a drug dealer and his moll to me. Plus, here is a picture of the drug dealer Sigge Cedergren that Palme was allegedly mistaken for: Perfect match right?

Palme wasn’t wearing a hat, so how could he be mistaken for a balding guy? Plus, they weren’t even the same height. But hey, details, right? Amazingly, they have an “answer” for that as well: the assassin forgot his glasses.

Because, you know, if you are planning to shoot the Prime Minister, or even a competing drug dealer, you are going to pack your gun but forget your glasses. Eyesight is so overrated in marksmanship. Then we read about the refusal of the government to reopen the case, despite an alleged confession from Pettersson. The Chief Prosecutor Agneta Blidberg said a confession would not be enough for a retrial unless Pettersson “said something about the weapon”. What? This is for the legally impaired. If you have a confession you don’t need a murder weapon. A confession is a confession. Pettersson’s death was finally faked in 2004. Next, we find all the alternative theories for the murder, including the South Africa fient, the CIA/P2 fient, the PKK fient, and many others. But since we know Palme and his wife weren’t on the street without security that night, we know all these stories are more misdirection.

The Swedish government admits it has spent $41 million on the case since 1986, and we may assume most of that was paid to Intel writers to come up with these sexy alternative stories. Wikipedia has sections on 10 theories, but there is no section on the theory the death was faked. I wonder why? No one in the world before me ever read that Palme declined security, and theorized the whole thing was fake? No one’s brain in the world has ever turned to the ON position since 1986? As with the Norway event, Ole Dammegard compiles a lot of good evidence the Palme murder was fake, but then sidetracks you into the theory Palme was assassinated by the same people that assassinated the Kennedys and MLK.

His theory makes as little sense here as there, since he gives us no good evidence for it, or any evidence at all. In his 2.5 hour talk on Norway, we saw evidence stacking to the moon it was fake and not one single scrap of evidence it was real. And yet he somehow spun it real. Same thing here. I actually recommend his books and talks for those with large amounts of patience, since he does a fair job of compiling anomalies. All you have to do is ditch the spin.

So anyway, I officially claim the 50 million crown reward for solving this case. You can send it in the same box with all my overdue Nobel Prizes. What Nobel Prizes? Well, you know all the Nobel Prizes in physics that are now forfeit due to my science research? I also claim those. Oh, and I don’t accept bitcoin.


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