Lloyds refuses to insure against 5G health claims

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I hope all is well with you.  I just spotted something which you may find of interest:

This months What Doctors Don’t Tell You has an article as follows: “Lloyds refuses to insure against 5G health claims” !  Article written by scientists4wiretech.com  “the 5G Appeal, endorsed by over 240 scientists, fears 5G could increase the risk of cancers, affect infertility and cause neurological disorders”…..” the US National Toxicity Program has discovered statistically significant increases in rates of brain and heart cancers in animals exposed to low levels of EMF, far below those that will be generated by the %G network.”   ” Lloyds is passing the onus onto schools that install Wi-Fi or have cell phone masts placed in school buildings. It recommends policyholders hold the school responsible for health problems students might suffer if it is later confirmed that wireless technology is later found to be responsible.”   December Issue.

Something you can slap a few faces with!

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P.S.   WDDTY are changing the name of the magazine which they sell in the shops, but it is ostensibly identical to the subscribed mag.    I cannot recall the name of the shop form, something to do with health, but the December issue has  a black cover with a green brain, highlighting an article about reversing autism.


TAP – This of course means they already know wifi in classrooms is causing cancer and many other problems.


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    Laois County, Ireland to Suspend 5G Deployment Due to Health Concerns and Non-Coverage by Insurance Companies

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