Fracking banned at last. Greed lives on.

Millions of people dedicated their lives to banning fracking in Britain.  In our village we were threatened by a proposed site three hundreds of yards from our workplace and home.  After being warned by Ian Crane of the dangers to ourselves and our land and water, I spent over a year campaigning.  Relations with the neighbour who proposed the development on his land will never be the same.

The neighbour’s since agreed to site mobile phone masts on his ground no doubt collecting a pay off for that instead.  I was offered £30,000 to do similar but refused to sign the requested easement once I realised what the CEGB was up to.  Another neighbour also refused to sign, fearing the effects of 5G on his animals and family.

At least the fracking war is over.  The mobile phone and 5G war is now in full flow.  Millions of people are already being made ill by cellphone technology, and have yet to realise why.  Fracking has killed many thousands around the world and ruined the lives of tens of thousands.  At least across the UK we have, it appears, stopped that one for now.  5G and lesser microwave signals in wifi and phones being carried are accelerating cancer to once unthinkable levels.  At what point will the world awaken?  There is so much to do.

Strangely one of the most active opponents of fracking in our area Chris Hesketh, is the main proposer of the bringing of 5G to Shropshire, working as he does for BT.  As he has now moved to live in another area, does he now see the population of the County as a sacrificial token to profit?  He can reply on here by leaving a comment if I am misunderstanding his position.

There is no research saying 5G is safe.  He must know that.

Has he ever been in 5G?  I have.  It makes me terribly depressed and gives me headaches when I encounter it at foreign airports.  I see there are sections of the M6 being set up as ‘technology test sites’.  I don’t drive those sections of the motorway any more and find other routes no matter how long it takes.  The web of environmental threat to human and other life is moving closer all the time.  The resistance movement needs to move on quickly.  The victory over fracking is not the end.  It does, however, show what can be done.

Many new cars are emitting high intensity microwaves as they detect other vehicles around them.  I notice Volvos especially send my meter into the red.  People are not thinking.  We are not the spiders that are going to ride the world wide web.  The corporations are the spiders.  We are merely the flies that are going to to be killed and devoured.  Yet it is ourselves mostly driving ourselves into higher and higher microwave exposures.  It’s getting harder and harder to find zones of safety.

Let’s hope Chris Hesketh fails to collect his bonus for BT for frying Salopians.   When he fought against fracking, we thought he was caring about the environment, people and life on earth – not just the price of houses in his village.   Let’s hope all the corporate slaves trying to gain monetary benefit from microwave genocide reap their just rewards – or recant and rejoin the side of life, of which they too are a part.  Yet they have become infected by corporate greed, and have lost their understanding of the fundamentals of life.  How will money help us when we are sick or dying, as that will be the result of 5G and all the other pulsed microwaves being deployed against us?  These are weapons against life, not economic instruments.


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