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  1. stevie k says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to end up with a coalition of anti-Brexiteers forming a Govt after the election who will just vote to nullify the referendum result. I don’t really trust Farage l think the Brexit Party is just going to split the Tory vote and let the other parties in. If he’d have stuck with UKIP after the referendum they wouldn’t have been able to stop it.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The Remain vote is also split Stevie. I don’t know who we can trust if anyone. As regards Brexit there is a good eurosceptic wing in the Conservatives. IDSmith stopped the Euro if you remember. We might be able to reactivate this movement with so many MPs resigning and many more eurosceptics coming in. The Brexit Party is of minor significance but will of course get lots of media as it pulls Tory votes which pleases the BBC..

  3. stevie k says:

    Personally l can’t think of a single MP l would trust, unfortunately l’ve got the obnoxious Anna Soubry as my supposed parliamentary representative thankfully she’ll be out on her arse come the election l hope. There’s only Lord Blackheath in the House of Lords who seems to have much integrity Tap. I know you’ve been more closely involved in politics than me (l enjoyed reading your book by the way) are any of them worthy of support or are they all just traitors or useful idiots for the Corporations/Banksters. What’s your opinion ?

    • Tapestry says:

      I still hold on to the notion that John Redwood has standards although he avoids challenging certain historical nonsenses and certain topics. John Biffen was our MP for years, a real gentleman, but even he came to the conclusion they were all a bunch of rogues, and his idealism was misplaced. I should be advised by him. I used to talk to Owen Paterson, who took over from Biffen, for years, but once in cabinet he acted as a spokesman for the corporations pushing GM, fracking and anything else they wanted. He’s gone very quiet recently but was pushing Brexit like a good’un before Boris took over, in 2001 helping IDS to change policy and keep Sterling indefinitely. Like you I see little real hope, other than there are splits amongst the powerful and their agendas might include keeping Sterling and an independent UK. At least we have put up as good a fight as we could, and are still doing so. Glad you enjoyed the book, Stevie. Tell Amazon if you haven’t already! As I write in there, the world runs according to forces that are not easily negotiable. Here is a presentation which faces hard reality better than I am able to do – https://youtu.be/HkYWiB-MtQQ

      • stevie k says:

        Not exactly an expansive list Henry but then telling the truth is a recipe for political and sometimes physical suicide. The only answer to this is a lot more awareness of the realities of this world especially to me the monetary system which once you understand it goes a long way to explaining all the other problems and agendas. I have seen Brian’s talk,seems a nice genuine guy, l didn’t get to that AV weekend but it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of where we live. Melanie Shaw, Lynn Thyer, David Noakes to name but a few, paying a real price for telling the truth or helping others. We need a way to get these truths out to the wider public because it’s only when they know enough of us know they’re lying murderous parasites might things start to get better.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Stevie. There are a good number of potential rebels against Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement but first the Conservatives needs a majority so the rebels can eliminate the majority and work to get control of the agenda. Any Labour MPs willing to join the rebels would be most welcome. Voters must make sure they are backing a Conservative government and then if possible select their candidate to be no deal supporting. I just posted on this topic.

    • stevie k says:

      We’ll see Henry, l still think it’s going to be a stitch up, i think Boris was selected the same as Treason May to bring about Brexit in name only. l think he’s a remainer truth be told and only plays the part of staunchly Brexit. The EU is just a softer looking version of the old Soviet Union but not so soft when it comes to the Gillette Jaunes and people who dare question the “holocaust’ such as Ursula Haversack then we see the true nature of the beast. EU one step on the road to one world govt, we need to be out pronto. Anyway good to chat Henry, pity there’s not more of it on the site.

      • stevie k says:

        Haverbeck, bloody computer!!!

      • Tapestry says:

        People try to comment I think but get blocked. The only way Britain will get a ‘no deal’ clean break is from a Conservative majority, with enough rebels blocking Boris’ withdrawal agreement, and maybe even Boris flipping after the election. If Labour win, we are definitely history.

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