Farage plans to drain the Westminster ‘swamp’

NIGEL Farage has revealed plans to rebrand the Brexit Party as the Reform Party with an agenda of “draining the swamp” of Westminster politics. … But in the short term, the veteran anti-Brussels campaigner has not ruled out taking on a role as an EU commissioner if asked by Boris …

Daily Express – 24th November 2019

TAP – Is he running up the white flag a little early?  Brexit Party polling looks abysmal.  Or will the Brexit Party prove the pollsters wrong?  In some areas they could yet surprise. No doubt pollsters are told by their bosses to avoid Yorkshire, for example.  And the media are being pressured to write The Brexit Party out of the script.

Boris’ Brexit is no such thing.  If he wins the election, Farage having a new name to bite his heels will be necessary.  It’s the collapse of the Labour vote which is putting Boris in the driving seat.  The Brexit Party will need a new tune, and ‘draining the swamp’ will be a good one, as Trump found.  People will soon be hearing that Brexit has gone through so the name Brexit Party will lose traction.  Farage is hedging his bets as any wise player would be doing.

The public are well alerted the swamp and would like to hear lots of anti-swamp rhetoric.  It would all work so much better with a clutch of BP seats.


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