EU Defence Union – precursor to Global Governance.

Since 1948, Britain has had a vision for European Defence. Through multiple iterations: the Western Union, the Western European Union and now a full blown Defence Union, Britain has led the way. Today this policy can be heard through voices as apparently diverse as former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and serving German defence minister Ursula Von Der Leyen.

At AV10, David will explain Britain’s role and how the policy of Defence Union is not simply about defence, but is a key pillar of a fully federal EU, alongside Monetary Union, Fiscal Union, Banking Union, Energy Union and, critically, a Tax Union.

This is about single point command and control, and the ability of the EU, for the first time, to express an interventionist foreign policy of its own, with Africa firmly in the cross-hairs. BIO David Ellis is director of Strategic Defence Initiatives, a defence policy research consultancy and lobbying organisation. He has been campaigning to raise awareness of Britain’s involvement in the EU Defence Union programme with MPs, Lords, the industry and serving and retired military personnel. He has been working for the past three years with the UK Column.


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