Epstein story shelved by ABC.

The film Lolita Island features Jeffrey Epstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton. To be found on Enigma (Pay) TV.  The proximity of Epstein’s islands – he had two – St James and Great St James- to Haiti is a key factor, with so many children being trafficked out of Haiti.  The islands had underground facilities.  The children all disappear in their tens of thousands.

The Clinton Foundation received $14 billion to relieve the Haiti earthquake emergency.  None of the money arrived.  That is when Epstein built his facilities on his islands.

Andrew was filmed in Epstein’s NY house chatting to young mature ladies who were not unwilling to say Hi back to him.   The Epstein story is truly evil when you reach the Clinton part.  With torture, murder and rape likely scenarios.

Epstein was a eugenicist with connections into Harvard and with top Jewish scientists.  They are attempting to convert the working class into genetic slaves.  Epstein is Mengele on steroids.  Prince Andrew is the media cover-up, as he knew nothing of the real agendas, his downfall and that of British Royalty clearly being one of these.

Epstein set up a multi million trust fund the day before he ‘died’ (with no beneficiaries) when he was supposedly not available according to main media – being in hospital.  Enigma TV believes he is still alive.  The picture of him being broadcast worldwide as above is artificially aged.  No doubt he’s been in hospital having rejuvenating surgery and features altered so he is not easily recognisable from hereon.  His island would be the perfect hideaway.


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