English Democrats target 5 remainers

If we had known that Farage was not going to stick to his announced policy, the English Democrats would have worked hard to try to make sure that we did stand against the worst offending Remainers representing Leave voting seats.  As it is we have only five candidates standing, albeit all of those are standing against Remainers and doing so in Brexit supporting seats.

I am standing as the ED candidate against Theresa May’s former special advisor and loyalist Alex Burghart. 

ED candidate Frank Calladine is standing against Ed Miliband in Doncaster North.

ED candidate Antonio Vittellio has joined us from UKIP to stand in Buckingham

I am pleased that ED candidate “Daddy Dragon”, Graham Moore, is standing in the strongly Leave constituency of Bexleyheath & Crayford.  Even his Returning Officer pointed out he was the only Brexiteer and patriot standing!

But I am most delighted that we have been able to stand against the awful Anna Soubry in Broxtowe and have put up against her the blogger ED candidate “Based Amy” (Amy Mura) who has been banned by the courts from campaigning because she dared to confront the wretched Soubry and called her out as a traitor!  The old saying is that “the truth hurts”!

As quoted by Professor David Starkey in my last blog, it is difficult to think of any other word to describe Soubry and the other Remainiacs except as traitors.  What they were doing was treason when they were actively conspiring to try and betray our county and country’s national interest to the EU and they also betrayed what they promised to do in the previous General Election.

I do hope if you live in the five constituencies in which we are standing you will support English Democrats’ candidates.  If you live near enough to any of them to be able to do so, please do make contact to help with leafleting and, if you can, the cost of standing.  All donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied to the Cause!

Let’s get this done and show these people that WE THE PEOPLE do have a voice and we are going to use it to KICK THEM OUT!  Thank You.

Here is a link to the donation page >>>



3 Responses to “English Democrats target 5 remainers”

  1. Aldous says:

    As if the murderous Zionist bottom-feeder swamp creatures would tolerate the Gentile goyim/cattle actually VOTING them out of office or power. Ridiculous in the extreme.

  2. Aldous says:

    Geert Wilders? Streuth!

  3. Tapestry says:

    Not exactly encouraging to see him in this context, I agree Aldous. Any attempt at Remainer Tories and Lefties is better than none. The gentle cattle can moo quietly as the totalitarian Zionist wolf pack moves in for the kill.

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