Did you know Epstein owns his own island in the Virgin Islands?

Star Salaries are Fake by Miles Mathis First written September 10, 2019 What got me writing here was watching Rory McIlroy allegedly winning $15 million in the final golf tournament of the year. That’s for playing golf for four rounds. You may believe that, but I don’t. Not only do I believe these sports outcomes are managed, I believe the dollar amounts are manufactured as well.* Why? Because by compiling all my evidence of the past decade, I can see the bigger picture.

Here it is: We have seen that all famous people in all categories are from the same Families, all of them closely related. That includes actors, directors, sports stars, politicians, government officials, scientists, and artists. All the sexy “jobs” are reserved for the sons and daughters of the super-wealthy. These people are from the billionaire and trillionaire families worldwide, though it is possible that some of them individually have only a few hundred million. So they are guaranteed to inherit many millions or billions just by being born. Remember how we saw actor Chris Pratt telling his highschool coach he was going to make “shit-tons of money”? Since he had and has no real skills, how could he say that so confidently? Because he is a Pratt. He could have stayed home and done nothing but eat Doritos and drink Red Bulls and he would have “made” shit-tons of money. He would have made it through his families’ “investments”.

But unlike some of his cousins, he preferred to pretend to do something interesting for his fake salary. He wanted to get his fake life on film. For another example, remember that we discovered Bill Gates would have been a billionaire even without founding Microsoft. His family has many billions from banking, and he would have inherited enough to be filthy rich if he had never left the house. So most of these “jobs” the famous people have are just fronts. The jobs were created to explain to us peasants where these people were getting their money. We are supposed to believe these actors are making $20 and $30 million a picture, which explains why they have those houses and cars and so on. But, as it turns out, they would have those houses and cars if they had never made a single picture. They were born filthy rich. So the big numbers are just put up and quoted to fool us.

The incredible dollar amounts also help sell the propaganda, since they make us think these people are very important. Since they appear to earn thousands of times what you earn, you think they are or may be thousands of times more important or more intelligent than you are. So you listen to them. You follow their bios and their interviews, hanging on their every word. You may buy what they buy and do what they do. But it is all another con, since little or no money is actually changing hands.

The analogy is the money laundering we discovered in Modern Art. You think people are buying expensive paintings for huge amounts of money, but they aren’t. Not only is the art worthless, but the buyers are fake. They are only pretending to buy paintings to cover other transactions. You think the market is about creating, selling, and buying art, but it isn’t. It is about hiding big illegal markets, including drugs, weapons, and bank fraud.

In the same way, you may think these rich and famous people are making their money from acting, films, art, sports, science, or whatever, but they aren’t. They are basically televising their kids’ hobbies to you, and making you think those are their jobs. When in fact, the bulk of the money made by these Families comes from covert and illegal sources, usually in the form of some kind of illicit treasury dip. Trillions are siphoned out of national treasuries worldwide every year by various conjobs on taxpayers, by which you are billed for services and goods that are never delivered. Government is little more than a collection of these frauds, via the so-called “defense”, homeland security, Intelligence, insurance, banking, fake regulatory agencies, NASA and other fake science, fake medicine, fake drugs and vaccines, and of course fake art.

So although it has long been known that Hollywood, TV, and sports are a diversion, they are a diversion in more ways than one. They are a diversion of attention, since they keep your eyes off more important things; but they are also a diversion of money. You think millions or billions are being paid in salaries to these people, when they aren’t. So the con is a type of money-laundering, no matter what else it is. You think all this money is being made and paid for harmless sports or entertainment, when it is coming from and going to other sources. What those sources are, I can’t say, but it is a question to ask. Best guess is it is laundering the same sources the fake art market is laundering. In other words, it is laundering the massive cons by the major banks and investments groups, too numerous and varied to list.

To remind yourself of them, you only need to stroll through the relevant pages at Wikipedia, which is good enough to admit to the tip of each iceberg. We have seen many of them in previous papers, including LIBOR, TARP, PPIP, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and on and on ad infinitum. See all the fines paid by major banks worldwide in the past 20 years: the list is staggering. Even more staggering is that for every dollar paid in fines, there were a thousand or ten thousand or a million stolen in some way, usually with no other punishment handed down but the relatively tiny fine.

Which brings us to the recent Jeffrey Epstein scandal, in which this hedge fund guy was charged with sex trafficking and allegedly died in prison before trial. I have a reader that is doing the full monty on this, but I haven’t read his paper yet since I can’t download it to my computer. I am still offline as of the time of writing this. But for now I will give you my first impression, gotten from scanning the Wiki page. On the surface, this is obviously just the latest salvo in the men-are-pigs project. It is aimed mainly at women, to make them think men are like this. Hundreds of other high-profile men have fallen in the past few years in the same project, most of them in stories just as fishy as this one. The goal of the projects is to split the sexes, causing ever higher profits for the billionaires and trillionaires. Miserable lonely people spend far more than happy couples.

The reason so many of these men caught up in this project turn out to be Jews is not because someone is blackwashing Jews. It is because this is a Jewish project, so it is these high-profile Jews who volunteer for it. Most of us would not want our name and legacy ruined in this way for any reason, but these guys are above all that. They are so exalted in their own eyes no such project could ever tarnish them. Besides, they know the other Jewish billionaires know this is a project, and those are the only opinions that matter to them. They don’t care what you or I think about anything. We are like gorillas or chimps to them. These projects make the Families trillions in profits, and so the whole thing is treated like theater. Some have to play the bad guys, and the villain may actually be the best part. Plus, they know that they can be whitewashed later by Hollywood if the need arises. See John Reed or more recently Mel Gibson. Twenty years later, the villain can be repackaged as the hero. People will buy anything, and they know that.

Expect a movie in about 2035 on how Epstein was really a great guy—blackwashed by the Russians—who was actually fighting the good fight for Uncle Sam, NASA, and apple pie. That is when a similar movie about Jimmy Savile will be appearing. If they are clever, maybe they can combine the two movies. But beneath the surface, there is another level to this one. These guys like Epstein aren’t just stealing from you and me and the treasury, they are stealing from one another. They have so decimated the middle class in the past fifty years, there isn’t much left there to steal. So you now have the trillionaires stealing from the billionaires, and the billionaires stealing from the hundred millionaires.

In other words, it is probably no coincidence that Epstein got arrested the first time in 2006, right after investing $140 million in hedge funds (Zwirn and Bear Stearns) and requesting a redemption or payout. He had probably gotten caught defrauding a bigger fish than himself, and they sicked the sex-police on him. You see, the rule is you always defraud down. The billionaires defraud the hundred millionaires, but not the reverse. Epstein, maybe a multi-hundred millionaire, probably got caught defrauding a billionaire or maybe even the son of a trillionaire. This isn’t allowed. The arrest was used as pressure to give the money back, or back off in some other way. But Epstein apparently has very powerful connections himself, so powerful they allowed him to slip that net.

A decade later he got caught again in a similar fraud, again getting crossways with another arm of the Octopus. This time the only way he could slip the net was by faking his death. Notice that his cellmate at the time of his death was a “former” police officer. That is all you need to know.

As for whether Epstein was able to escape to the Caribbean or wherever with his stolen millions, or whether the Octopus drained him before sending him down, you or I will never know. Again, it totally depends on his Family connections, and how high they go. That is to say, his rank in the Phoenician navy. If his family or friends outrank those he defrauded, he keeps the money. If they don’t, he doesn’t. As you see, the rules aren’t that complex or difficult to understand. On the way out I will point you to a few other easy clues. Epstein allegedly died on August 10. That’s Chai, as usual. In his first arrest back in 2005, the police allegedly found girls’ high school transcripts in Epstein’s garbage. Right. And you believe that? Why would their transcripts be found in his garbage? Was he helping them get into college? Prepping them for the SATs? Screening them for the CIA? No, he was allegedly fondling them, and no transcripts are required for that action.

In this round of the fake, the FBI allegedly prepared a 54-page indictment, but it was never presented to a grand jury. Convenient. His lawyer was Alan Dershowitz, a CIA fake attorney we have already run across many times. His presence here is enough to blow the whole story as a fraud. Around this time, Epstein admitted he was CIA himself, which looks like the only truth in his long bio. He may or may not have been technically CIA, but he was definitely working projects for the Families, so it is all the same to us. In the 1980s Epstein was working with Adnan Khashoggi, another sure sign he was involved in major conjobs. Then as now, the billionaires were shafting one another big time, and Khashoggi is one of the ones who was targeted by higher ups. He allegedly lost billions in the stock market around 2001, though it may have been more hiding of assets. Epstein was also caught up in the whole Bear Stearns collapse, which I assume was manufactured. As with the other scams of the time (see Lehman Brothers, etc), it was basically another project to drain the treasury, by forcing taxpayers to prop up “failing” companies of all kinds.

A similar thing happened when the Mirror Group collapsed in the UK, tying us once more to Epstein. Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of famous publisher and fraudster Robert Maxwell, who owned the Mirror. His real name was Jan Hoch, and he has also been tied to Intelligence, both British and Russian. After his death it was discovered he had drained huge pension funds to prop up the Mirror or otherwise engorge himself, and the funds had to be replenished. How were they replenished? Via the British treasury. So it was the usual conjob, with taxpayers left footing all the bills.

Finally, did you know Epstein owns his own island in the Virgin Islands? You can be sure that is where he is right now. Best guess is he paid off the big boys, they used his story to propel men-arepigs, and he was allowed to keep his island and a few hundred million. My other best guess is that he is gay, and was never interested in young girls. Ghislaine Maxwell was probably a co-beard, as the story usually goes.


*(back to golf)You know what else I don’t believe? The distances. This last tournament was in Atlanta in late August, and I was there at the same time, playing golf across town at The Manor and White Columns. [I was the guest of portrait clients—otherwise I could never have gotten on those courses]. Just so you know, I shot 72 the first time I played White Columns, and could have easily shot in the 60s. I was one under through 15, and missed a short birdie putt on 16. I also missed several other short putts. The point being: I can still play. I only play a few times a year, but I still know how to score even when I am not at my best. I haven’t lost any distance, either. I hit a driver-six iron to about 12 feet on the par-five 13th at The Manor, from the back tees. But I can tell you that Atlanta in the late summer is not a place to hit the ball long. The air is heavy with humidity, and I was generally hitting 1.5 to 2 clubs more than normal. The ball was going nowhere. I had to hit a one-iron on a couple of par threes, for instance.

Yes, I hit old un-strengthened irons from the 1980s, but still. Some of you will know what that means, and the rest of you can just pass over this.

Anyway, they now have distance meters on the drives of the pros, telling you how far they flew the ball. We are supposed to believe Rory McIlroy was flying his drives 300 yards in Atlanta in August. There is not a chance that was happening. McIlroy is a little guy. I have seen him in person. Yes, he is on PEDs and has a fast swing speed, but there is simply no way he was flying the ball 300, rolling it 320 or something. Not even downhill. Dustin Johnson is a very tall guy, and he hits the ball that far, in other venues. But I don’t think even he hits the ball that far in Atlanta in the summer. You lose ten to twenty yards in the air, due to the humidity and low altitude, and then the ball doesn’t roll much due to the moist heavy grass. I have played with big guys like Dustin, and they blow it past me twenty or thirty yards. So I know how long the ball is being hit these days.

But the distance meters on the tour aren’t convincing to me. I think they are faking the distances along with everything else.

I suppose this is done to sell clubs. You see the pros hitting these shots 20 yards further than they should everytime, and so you rush out to buy whatever clubs they are playing with. It’s another scam. It fits in with the whole club strengthening scam, which has now been going on since about 1970. It started out very slowly, with some manufacturers losing a degree of loft in about 1970, and another degree in about 1980. That allowed player to hit the ball another 3-5 yards. Since there are four or five degrees of loft between clubs, that was only a marginal gain. But by 1995 they had added another couple of degrees, plus a half inch in length, so they had basically shifted the whole set up by a club. Your six iron was now a five iron. Now, 25 years later, they have done it again, and your six iron is now a four iron. Since your four iron is now a two iron, they don’t make two irons or one irons anymore. But this left a gap at the back of your iron set, since your wedge is now an eight iron. So they had to invent two new clubs to fill the gap: gap wedges.

All this is a bit ridiculous, since the clubs in the set are generally the same as the old ones, they just have different numbers on them. I play with the old clubs, and my two iron is the same as your four iron. My eight iron is the same as your wedge. Except that I paid about $100 on ebay for my whole set, while a new iron set is over $1000. So what are people paying the extra $900 for? They like hitting a four iron when I am hitting a two iron, since it makes them think they are long hitters. That’s all it is. People are amazed when pros hit their five irons 220 yards, but I am less impressed, since I know they are really hitting a three iron.

I hit a three iron 215, and I’m 56 years old. So 220 doesn’t seem that impressive. Besides, it doesn’t matter how far you hit your irons. It matters how straight you hit them.

Johnny Miller was hitting flagsticks back in the 1970s, so irons haven’t gotten any straighter. Byron Nelson was hitting flagsticks back in the 1950s. And yet people are always telling me I need new clubs. I am not benefitting from the new technology, I am told. I always tell them they have it wrong: I am not falling for the new scam. The only nod I have made to the new game is buying a 45” driver. I have a 20-year-old Titleist with a graphite shaft, which I do hit about ten yards farther than my old PowerBilt persimmon. But even that doesn’t have much to do with technology. It has to do with shaft length.

All that was required was matching the head weight to the shaft length/flexibility, which is not rocket science. It could have been done with wooden heads and steel shafts, but it wasn’t. Why? Because they wanted to quadruple the price of drivers, and they couldn’t do that with wood and steel. They needed new materials that they could sell to you as high-tech, and charge you four prices for. For myself, I know that if I am hitting the ball badly, it isn’t due to my clubs. It is due to my swing. If my swing is off, I will play bad with any clubs. If my swing is on and I am putting well, I can shoot lights-out with the clubs I have. So why buy clubs I don’t need and can’t afford? I would only be enriching the trillionaires even more.




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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    How about something a tad closer to home, eh?

    Retired Scotland Yard Detective Explains that Children’s Care Homes Are Used for Pedophilia and Organized Child Sex Rings

    Jon Wedger, a retired police detective who served with Scotland yard for 27 years and specialized in pedophile rings, reveals how police protect politicians, celebrities, and other powerful people who commit pedophilia. [Child sex abuse is a political strategy that creates a means to control politicians and judges through blackmail. It has become a standard method of operation at the highest levels in almost all governments of the world, which is why it is so difficult to get governments to clean it up.]

    • Tapestry says:

      The Romans made castration illegal. Eunuchs were the norm previously in government service. Government ever since has been carried out by people who need kids for sex as their reward. Thanks to the Romans once again for their ‘civilization’. The ‘elites’ need to get rid of democracy now as people are finding out what they are. Brexit is about more than just money, and sovereignty. It’s about stopping the system of paedophilia or its true name pedocrime.

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