Common sense from Farage sets up Brexit Party to win seats


The party is promising to deliver “a clean-break Brexit” come the end of January next year, with no extension of the transition period.


It will raise £200bn by scrapping HS2, keeping the £13bn annual contribution to the EU, while recovering £7bn from the European Investment Bank and by redirecting 50 per cent of the foreign aid budget, which it says is worth £40bn over five years. It will also invest “at least £50bn” in local road and rail schemes in “development-starved regions”.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage (Getty)


The party will abolish inheritance tax, cut VAT on fuel bills and will waive corporation tax on the first £10,000 of profits. It also plans to reduce import tariffs to zero on certain foods, footwear and clothing.


Will introduce 24-hour GP surgeries, re-opening nursing and midwifery professions to non-graduates. Says it will invest in the NHS without putting a figure on it, adding it will “remain publicly owned”.


The party promises to abolish both student loan interest and the target to push 50 per cent of young people into higher education. Says it will also “expand parental choice” when it comes to schools, adding that academies and free schools have improved results.


Has committed to “cracking down on illegal immigration” and to “reduce annual immigration”, with Mr Farage saying he would want to cap permanent immigration at 50,000 a year.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Nigel Farage launched a contract rather than a manifesto (Getty)

Nigel Farage launched a contract rather than a manifesto (Getty)


Will invest £2.5bn in fishing and coastal communities, adding that a clean-break Brexit would allow the UK to recover control of a 200 mile exclusive economic zone. Has promised to lead a global initiative at the UN to plant hundreds of millions of trees to capture CO2.


Has promised to “revisit” the Universal Credit system and undertake a 12-month review of it before bringing in reforms within two years. Will also “review the position” of women affected by recent rises in the state pension age.


Will simplify planning consents for brownfield sites and will change the funding model to make it easier for councils to borrow from central government to build council houses.

Nigel Farage (Getty)

Electoral reform

Will reform the voting system, abolish the unelected House of Lords, and make MPs who switch parties subject to recall petitions and overhaul the postal voting system to combat fraud and abuse. It also plans to introduce a “Citizens’ Initiative” to trigger a referendum if more than five million people sign a valid register calling for a public vote on a particular issue.


The party says it will increase police numbers, ensure more visible policing, and focus on combating violent crime, robbery and burglary rather than enforcing restrictions on free speech.

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  1. Derek says:

    The Little Blue Book.

    There was once a mighty leader who wished to give his people something memorable to lead them through life, and so summoned all his wise men together and set them forth across his domain to gather all the wisdom of the world in return for a splendid feast at the leaders expense.

    Duly they set forth and travelled to all the corners of the world, and did indeed return months later with all the wisdom of the world which they presented to the leader in a magnificent set of volumes.

    The leader was impressed. But unhappily for the wise men, he wanted something less volumous, something that the ordinary man and woman could read easily and quickly. So the wise men went away to precis their findings of wisdom.

    A week later they returned, and presented the leader with a single volume. But still the leader was unconvinced it was small enough to be truly all the wisdom of the world wrapped up in an acceptable diktat that all the people could absorb and understand.

    Looking at each other aghast, the wise men retreated once again, gathered together and reduced the single volume onto one sheet of parchment. The great leader was suitably impressed, bu still he wanted something smaller – something every home could have above the hearth as the true wisdom of the world.

    In almost abject despair, the wise men drew aside, and agreed something that would truly be the wisdom of the world in one simple phrase – something that held true in all walks of life to which they all agreed. They scribbled something on a scrap of paper that they then presented to the great leader.

    When the great leader read what was written, he beamed with delight, announcing that this is what every man and woman in the land would understand, and would be able to guide and live their lives in fulfillment.

    On the scarp of paper, the wise men had written:

    “There’s no free lunch”.

    It does not take manifestoes of multi-hundred pages to explain what is needed to be done. Farage has it right.

    Keep it simple.

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