Brexit Party top targets – the North of England and South Wales

Nigel Farage has said his Brexit Party will hurt Labour in “the most extraordinary way” in the forthcoming General Election.

Mr Farage has been accused by furious Tories of putting Brexit at risk with his plans to run candidates in more than 600 constituencies in the poll on December 12.

However the former Ukip leader said his “number one target” would be Labour Leave voters who had been “completely betrayed” by their party.

He vowed to target seats in the North of England and South Wales.

Mr Farage, who is due to unveil his candidates later today, told Good Morning Britain: “I led Ukip into the 2015 general election. I had all the same stuff, all the same arguments. The Tory tribe screaming and shouting, ‘Don’t take our votes’.

“The Ukip vote took more votes from Labour than it did from the Conservatives, (David) Cameron wouldn’t have even got a majority without Ukip.

“We are going to hurt the Labour Party in the most extraordinary way. We’ll do it in South Wales, we’ll do it in the Midlands, we’ll do it in the north of England.

“Those Labour voters have been completely betrayed by the Labour Party. They are my number one target. I got those votes in 2015, I’ll do it again.”

Mr Farage, who even won support from US president Donald Trump for his proposal of and alliance, argued the Prime Minister’s agreement with Brussels did not represent a true break with the EU.

However Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg insisted the deal was a “complete Brexit” and that Mr Farage should recognise the time had come to “retire from the field”.

“I think he would be well-advised to recognise that that battle he won. He should be really proud of his political career,” he told LBC radio.

“It would be a great shame if he carries on fighting after he has already won to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

“I understand why Nigel Farage would want to carry on campaigning because he has been campaigning for the best part of 30 years and it must be hard to retire from the field. But that is what he ought to do.”

Mr Farage was also asked why he was not running for election himself.

While he has been an MEP since 1999 he has stood unsuccessfully to become a member of parliament seven times.

He told GMB: “I’ve only had one realistic chance of winning a seat [in 2015]. All the previous times, I’ve stood as a means of getting a message out. But I finished up unable to spend enough time around the country”.


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