Brexit Party needs MPs to keep Boris honest.

Boris concessions – the transition period will not last beyond end of 2020.  UK will head for a free trade deal as per the EU’s deal with Canada.

Can Boris be trusted?

His feet have to be held to the fire.

Brexit Party candidates are getting horrific abuse from other parties.  Phone calls. Emails.  Telling them they must stand down.

‘They fear us,’ says Farage.

In Yorkshire and other parts of the North, the Brexit Party might find some great opportunities.

The Farage strategy seems to be right.  He seems a lot happier.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Q: “Can Boris be trusted?”

    A: Absolutely not.

    And neither can Farage and Co. They’ve had more than long enough to get the UK out of the EU It’s not going to happen with either of these bozos involved. The UK electorate are being played for absolute fools.

    Both May’s and Johnson’s (Osman’s) so-called ‘deal’ (one and the same in reality) are NOT Brexit in any shape or form and keep the UK chained – as intended – to the EU ad infinitum. It’s as simple as that.

    All such senior politicians are born equally able and proficient liars – some are born more equally able and proficient liars than others.

    • Tapestry says:

      Farage is saying the same as you, Aldous, to do him justice. He can only deliver Brexit through the Conservatives as Brexit P will never win a majority. He is trying to manoeuvre himself into a position where he has Boris by his proverbials. Yes Farage (Yaraech) is of Jew background in the sense of ancient royalty – secret government, but his desire to get rid of the EU looks to be more genuine than many thought it would look at this stage. The people behind the Brexit Party might be a little bit worrying as is Osman’s current flame/handler. But the desire to preserve some elements of Britain’s independence seem genuine on Farage’s part. Osman’s much harder to read as he looks which way the wind is blowing before deciding where to fly his kites. We might as well hope the awfulness of EU servitude will be stopped at the eleventh hour as refuse to hope.

  2. Tom74 says:

    Sorry but the events of the last week have exposed Farage and the Brexit Party as a sham. They simply stood down as soon as the Tories asked them to. You’re wasting your time expecting them to hold the Tories’ feet to the fire as they will only back down again when things get sticky for the establishment.

    • Tapestry says:

      There’s no other players to hold the Conservatives to their word. I would not hold out much hope for politics but it’s worth a try! Farage has succeeded before e.g. we don’t have the euro. He might do it again.

      • Aldous says:

        Fake Farage (aka Yaraech) is a total fraud; same as his phoney plane and car crashes.
        The Brexit Party – like UKIP – is a joke and designed to give the sheeple false hope that a vote for them will lead to change. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        One only has to look at what is happening in France and Spain (Catelonia) to realise how far these globalists are prepared to go to thwart any semblance of democracy.
        Bussed-in vicious paramilitaries (EUROGENDFOR) from outside the countries – with no affinity whatsoever to said country – will sort the useless-eating Proles out.

        Those you see ‘in office’ – or standing for office – are not the ones in charge. That much at least should be blindingly obvious.

    • Protestant says:

      I’m glad to see that you and Aldous are among the very few who have not been taken in by Farage’s shocking destruction of the Brexit Party on the very brink of a landslide victory, just as he deliberately destroyed Ukip. He is a classic example of “false opposition”, leaving Brexiteers with no one to vote for at all, ensuring that we will be shackled forever to the EU.

      • Tapestry says:

        I am not sure Farage is in complete control. Boris’ partner might well be his CIA handler. Farage’s wife Kirsten was a powerful figure in the UKIP hierarchy, never mentioned by the media.

  3. Aldous says:

    BTW Tap, I hope you and yours are having a good run-in to a good Christian-like Christmas.
    There are quite a few of us still out there make no mistake.

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks Aldous. It’s very tiring having a one year old baby daughter of course but a great joy arriving so late in my life.

      I see the political system as you do except the powers are more divided amongst themselves than that. And proles can achieve things if they set about the system in the right way. Why not read my book which has a good chunk on political activism, and how things can sometimes be changed.

      There is still a sizeable eurosceptic wing in the Tories. This wing briefly won control and stopped the Euro in 2001/3 under IDS despite all odds stacked against it. OK it might only be a delay but Brexit could yet happen if enough people get involved and get behind the right parts of the system against the rotten. It is not homogenous. There are still good people up there despite the corruption and visible evil.

      In any event we must never give up the notion that we are content beings with our own spiritual existence. I wish you all the best for the coming Season.

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