Be careful. You never know who people are. (SOCOMEDICS HOSPITAL)

…….Sometimes the people who like to put others down are educated, however.  They have other reasons why they like to see others suffer at their command.  Having a chip on the shoulder, or an inferiority complex, they are able to do to others what they imagine has been done to them.  Who knows why they might want to hurt people?

An example of one of their victims is Lani a simple middle-aged Philippine lady, who is not rich but lives a good and decent life looking after her family, and playing a part in her village community (or barangay) life.  She had a nasty eye infection which is common enough in tropical locations, where bacteria tend to enjoy the heat and work fast.  She turned up at the Socomedic Hospital in Koronadal in Mindanao asking for help, and was told she couldn’t be treated as her condition was infectious.  What you might ask are hospitals for?

Being turned away once, she returned later on in the day as she was in bad pain, and was told the same thing, that she could not be treated as he condition was infectious.  The hospital staff imagined her to be a poor local as she walked in looking dishevelled and sick, due to her condition, having no eyes to prepare herself.  In fact she is my wife’s aunt and we can send her money, or indeed so can her son and her daughter who have jobs in Manila.  But that should not matter to medical people.  They should see Lani just as another human being needing help, and if they have to, ask her if she can pay for her treatment, not just turn her away unassisted.

Who knows? One day they might be the ones needing help from someone.  How would they feel when they are sent away with no help.  The boot can so easily change feet over time.

The arrogance and unhelpfulness of the nursing staff at this Koronadal Socomedic has been noted. They should be ashamed of themselves.  There are good people at that hospital and the lazy and arrogant ones are letting the others down.


This area has been badly hit with almost constant earthquakes up to 6.8 magnitude over two weeks – not reported in most of the world’s main media networks.  Such effects are expected as part of the Grand Solar Minimum.  Lani’s house has not been affected although some local shopping centres have been hit hard.


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