We are beings of frequency, as is all life.

In the mid 80s just 3% of people had cellphones.  Today 100% do.  What are the effects?

Scientists in the last twenty years have shown how many species are affected by radio frequencies even at very low levels.  The natural wavelengths that create life are being swamped, the Schuman wave of 7.83 Hz, for example.  All life had crypto chromes which regulate secretion of melatonin and serotonin, the Circadian rhythms, affecting mood and mental health, sense of direction and many other things.

It’s a well made documentary and well worth watching to help understand what is going on around us, and what is happening to us.

Most people are affected in their heads first of all.  Heart rhythm problems, visual disturbance.  Mood.  The list is endless.  Some get internal bleeding.  This is before the arrival of 5G.  Heaven help us.  Bogus scientists are being paid to produce false science as with weather, funded by the telecommunications industry.

The key to our health is our level of melatonin.  Breast cancer sufferers often have only 10% of the general population.  Prostate 50%.

The pineal gland only works in the dark to secrete melatonin.  Radio frequencies/emfs are felt at night and interpreted as light by the brain, stopping the secretion of melatonin.  We only make melatonin at night.  Night time is crucial.



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