UK Farmers should be buying wheat now.

The Grand Solar Minimum is already hurting agricultural production with world food production falling 10% this year.  Wheat prices in the UK are, however, still low.  The answer for farmers knowing that future years will see dramatic falls in output as temperatures drop, must be to buy now and store wheat.  Within three years prices could be treble what they are today or more.  Wheat price report from ADHB below.  Watch the Adapt 2030 channel on Youtube to follow The Grand Solar Minimum/mini ice age narrative.

  • Following Monday’s jump in US maize futures, prices have tracked sideways. Further support could well come from next week’s USDA WASDE, where a possible reduction in yield forecasts would provide additional support.
  • European prices have pushed slightly higher, with gains in Paris maize futures amid poor yield outlooks, providing support to Paris wheat futures.
  • However, with a strengthening of the euro against the dollar, some of the additional support from US stocks may well have been minimal.
  • UK feed wheat futures (Nov-19) have drifted lower during the week. Prices have fallen £1.40/t from Monday’s high, to close yesterday at £137.60/t.

TAP – Buy wheat and store now.  Kibble possibly to prevent germination and keep cool and dry.  You will make money and be a hero to hungry people living in nearby towns.  They will still be able to buy bread while others could be starving.  Don’t feel out to giant corporations who will hoard the wheat and literally make a killing.


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