Thought for Saturday morning

MPs should throw out the so-called agreement.

Unless the UK leaves the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, there is no exit from the EU.   The European Communities Act must be repealed, and the Law Lords re-established as the highest court in the land.  Or Brexit is a sham.

Lyn Thyer on hunger strike for two months in French jail, attempts suicide. LIVE REPORT.

While Lyn Thyer rots uncharged in a French jail extradited under the European Arrest Warrant, we are slaves.  She has committed no crime, just cured cancer.

Pavlenko, Sergei; The Last Judgments of the Law Lords; Parliamentary Art Collection;

This painting was commissioned to mark the last judgment of the Law Lords held in the House of Lords Chamber on Thursday 30 July 2010. The House of Lords had been the highest court in the land for 600 years until the passing of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and the establishment of the new Supreme Court. The brief for the painting specified that it should include identifiable portrait figures of all the Law Lords and that it should also show other figures in the Chamber including Counsel for the appellant, Counsel for the respondent, and the Clerk, and that there should be a clear indication of others present in the chamber.


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