Lyn Thyer on hunger strike for two months in French jail, attempts suicide. LIVE REPORT.

Lyn is defined as a terrorist in France for curing cancer.  She’s not been charged with any crime, and is rotting in a French jail.  She won’t live much longer.  French prisons are the worst in Europe.  The MHRA has seized the money from David Noakes and his wife.  Their money goes to the judge, the prosecution and the Police.  That’s right – the bloody judge gets the money!!!!!  This is the EU for you, not British law.

David points out that the MHRA are committing perjury over and over again in his case,  and they failed to get the last of his money after seizing his bank accounts two years ago.  David details the perjuries committed against him and Lyn – lies basically spoken by lawyers in suits, and ‘believed’ by the judges.

David is now facing extradition.  David represents himself in court now which the liars don’t like, as he confronts them with their crimes.  Yet in the court he is called the criminal by the prosecution and the judge.

Please attend the extradition hearing he is facing which will land him in a French jail.  The corrupt judges always extradite those requested by the French and others, with no evidence required.  October 31st Westminster Crown Court.

The British Embassy won’t say anything, although they visited her.  She can have no letters or any contact with the outside world.  Her lawyer did not reply to her when she wrote four times.  She has no hope which is why she attempted suicide.

It is impossible to get a patent for a safe human protein.

The MHRA in the UK is killing 200,000 people a year with chemical drugs given to cancer patients and stopping them getting natural cures which work.  The MHRA is controlled by the big pharmaceutical corporations like GLAXO.

The National Health Federation head, Scott Tips has persuaded its members of a policy not to kill people with medicines.  There want to abolish the MHRA and repeal the Vaccines Act which absolves the industry of all vaccine injuries and deaths.

GcMAF cures 60% of autistic kids as well as 90% of terminal cancer patients.  Doctors in the USA using it are being gunned down by paid assassins.


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  1. Belyi says:

    I first wrote to the British Embassy in Paris (as it calls itself, which immediately disenfranchises people from Northern Ireland) on 20 August. No reply. I had asked them if I could send them stamps to pass on to Lyn as I wasn’t confident that stamps sent direct to the prison would reach her. I don’t expect they will tell me because that would confirm that they have visited her!

    No reply so I wrote again on 12 September and finally received an extremely snooty reply on 4 October informing me that they couldn’t give me any information as to Lyn’s whereabouts and no confirmation that they had any contact with her. I replied saying that I could easily cross into France and buy some stamps for her, if they would pass them on.

    I wrote to Lyn and sent her a copy of my first letter to the UK Embassy. I have since sent her another card saying that she would not be forgotten.

    When I checked a while back on the Wikipédia page for Fleury-Mérogis prison I discovered that Lyn was on the list of ‘famous’ prisoners as a political detainee! That didn’t last long as it has since been removed.

    If anybody was questioning the corruption of the UK ‘justice system’, what has happened to David, Lyn and Julian Assange should leave them in no doubt.

    I do worry about these brave people and wonder what else I can do.

    • Tapestry says:

      Assange I don’t know about, and his story is different. Lyn Thyer and David Noakes we can be certain of, the corruption of our legal system and the need to quit the EU ASAP.

  2. Belyi says:

    Thrilled to say that I’ve just received a letter from Lyn dated 1 October and this is what she says: ‘I’m waiting to find out what is happening here. Everything is so slow.” She goes on to say that she has received stamps and she can now send replies to the 100+ letters she has received.

    I understand from Ian Crane (or UK Column) that she can only receive mail now through Prisoners Abroad so I intend to write via them.

    Anything to let her know that we love her, we are thinking of her and are fully cognizant of the wonderful work she and David have done for so many people.

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