Lyn Thyer gets a letter out from her French jail

Thrilled to say that I’ve just received a letter from Lyn dated 1 October and this is what she says: ‘I’m waiting to find out what is happening here. Everything is so slow.” She goes on to say that she has received stamps and she can now send replies to the 100+ letters she has received.

I understand from Ian Crane (or UK Column) that she can only receive mail now through Prisoners Abroad so I intend to write via them.

Anything to let her know that we love her, we are thinking of her and are fully cognizant of the wonderful work she and David have done for so many people.

Lyn Thyer on hunger strike for two months in French jail, attempts suicide. LIVE REPORT.


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  1. Belyi says:

    I know this was several days ago and attention has moved on, but I was informed by Ian R Crane and UK Column that Lyn could only receive mail through Prisoners Abroad. I contacted them to see where I should send my letter and this was their reply:

    I’m afraid we’re not able to forward on mail to prisoners on behalf of family or friends. All correspondence (aside from legal mail) to and from people detained on remand in France is subject to censorship from the examining magistrate presiding over the case and may be refused. In Lynda’s case, this will include mail from friends/family/supporters, as well as mail from Prisoners Abroad and the British Embassy.

    I’ll try and send her a letter direct, but I’m disgusted that an arrogant judge can decide whether Lyn can receive the smallest comfort in her exile. How inhumane can you get.

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