Let’s get organised and finish the job

After months of trying to sabotage Brexit, Remainer MPs are going to have to face the voters in a general election.

The election is finally happening. After months of trying to sabotage Brexit, Remainer MPs are going to have to face the voters in a general election.


But this election is not like those that have come before. This contest is going to be fought around the single issue of Brexit – are we an independent country, or are we going to get another parliament full of hardcore Europhiles who want us to be just another province of a European empire?

The Remainers are going to be organised, and we need to be too. The failure of the Tories and the Brexit Party to reach an agreement to fight this election in a rational way, with a firm non-aggression pact that lets Boris focus on his key targets while Nigel crushes Corbyn in the Labour heartlands, could be disastrous.

That’s why we’re taking matters into our own hands by developing a tactical voting app that will let Brexiteers know exactly which pro-Brexit candidate has the best shot of winning in their local seat – based on a thorough analysis of voting records, past election results, and the top research into voting trends.

The 17.4m are ready to put country before party, and we’re going to help them do it. You can support the development of the app by donating to our campaign at leave.eu/donate.

Leave.EU has always been at the cutting edge, harnessing the power of new technology to help patriotic causes in Britain. We’ve developed the most effective political social media campaign in Europe, with over a million followers and a message that reaches many millions every month with huge engagement.

We’ve put that to good use over the last year with a Blue Wave campaign to sort out the Conservative Party, encouraging true blue conservatives to re-join after the disastrous attempt to turn the party into New Labour under David Cameron and Theresa May.

Our success was massive, with 30,000 new members joining up on the back of our campaign. We now have Boris Johnson as a Brexiteer Prime Minister while Theresa the Appeaser wallows on the backbenches for the first time in twenty years.

And we went even further, drilling down to a local level and targeting the worst Tory Remainers for deselection.

Our momentum was so great – having successfully forced out Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen, Nick Boles, and Phillip Lee, and scoring a huge initial victory over Dominic Grieve – that Boris was able to see deselection as an option and complete our campaign for us with the biggest party political purge in living memory.

We will now not have to put up with Phillip Hammond or Amber Rudd standing as Conservative candidates, in a large part thanks to our efforts in raising the profile of deselection and demonstrating grassroots anger with dozens of highly successful local campaigns.

The general election is on for early December. We’ve been fighting for the 17.4m for the last three years, transforming the Tory Party and clearing out MPs who refuse to respect the referendum result. Now we need your help to deliver another crushing blow at the election.


Since the day we were founded to fight for our historic referendum victory in 2016, we’ve relied on your support. With a general election set for early December, we stand ready to help the 17.4m get the Brexit they voted for in 2016 – unlike Vote Leave, we knew the war was far from over and we kept the campaign going to speak up for Britain’s Brexit majority.

But we rely on public donations to fund our work, so any help you can provide at this pivotal moment in Britain’s history would be greatly appreciated.

We also welcome cheques, made out to Leave.EU, which can be sent to:

2430/2440 The Quadrant
Aztec West, Almondsbury
Bristol, BS32 4AQ

We’ve got a huge opportunity to get what we voted for in June 2016 and deliver a crushing blow to the Remainer Establishment which they will never forget. Let’s get organised and finish this!

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team


2 Responses to “Let’s get organised and finish the job”

  1. Aldous says:

    Isn’t/Wasn’t unelected Etonian Bullingdon Club BoJo a Remainer? American born and of Turkish roots. ‘Johnson’ is a family adopted name – to disguise true origin – and not his real name, as with so many of these parasitic infiltrators.
    Unelected Bullingdon Club super-brat BoJo swore to deliver Brexit by 31st October or rather be ‘dead in a ditch’. Oh well.

    • Tapestry says:


      Not to mention Yaraech (Farage) meaning ‘moon’ in Hebrew, with associations to Mary Magdalene and Lunel in the South of France.

      Trump’s mother a McLeod from Lewis. McLeods are seed of Gael – Gaythelos from Egypt. Same name linguistically as Caesar of Rome, Khasra of Persia. King Izas descended from Egyptian royalty marrying into Persian. Magdalene his sister/wife. Trump and Farage are cousins via the biblical family.

      Politics is show business. Politicians are actors. Yet they still have influence on events up to a point.

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