Grand Solar Minimum delivers record snow/storms across Northern Hemisphere in September

Unheard of.  The Grand Solar Minimum is here.  And it’s not going away.  Main media calls it ‘historic’ – meaning unprecedented.  Food supplies will become progressively harder for humanity.  USA, Canada and Russia heavily hit and freak weather effects across Europe as the jet stream alters.  Deep snow with trees still fully in leaf.  Unheard of.  The Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying along with polar shift.  Please wake up.  Global Warming and Carbon were always a scam.  The warm period is past.  Now it’s the coming of a cold era.  Now and for the rest of your lifetime.

And it’s nothing to do with how much exhaust comes out of your car.  That’s a con too.  The government knew all about the warm period which they used to make the global warming story, and pile feelings of guilt into humanity.  All bollocks.  Now they are failing to tell the public about the Grand Solar Minimum although they’ve known for centuries exactly when it will occur.  No doubt they have political notions as to why they are deceiving the public about this.

Next high winds.  Drifts.  Power lines to go down. Climate Change/Warming idiots are still in denial.  By this time next year even they will start to get it.


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