Fracking threat to UK and the world reduces as threat from 5G and Grand Solar Minimum increases

I don’t know which part of the world you’re in right now but if you’re in the UK be sure to see BBC News.
This morning (07:40) latest news on Fracking is that opposition to Fracking in 2013 stood at 21% but has now reached 40%. That there are currently 3 wells in operation at a cost of 32.7m with a large part of that having been public money spent on policing demonstrations. It had been hoped that 20 Fracking wells would be online by 2020 but due to a recent 2.9 earthquake at a well in Lancashire has put all new wells on hold.
The latest report will be presented to the government and on all accounts is pretty damning.
This news will be aired throughout the day. Try and see.
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TAP.  Fact is investors can see now that the whole industry is a mistake and there’s a rush for the door worldwide.   The whole thing has been a giant and dangerous distraction.  Thanks to highly active opposition, Britain might have escaped the worst.  As that threat reduces, the threat from freezing and extreme weather as the sun goes into its 400 year Grand Solar Minimum, is increasing, along with 5G.  Many Councils are awakening and can halt the development of 5G by withholding permission to use council property and infrastructure for the ‘technology’.
High frequency microwaves are in fact a weapon being deployed against the people.
Councils can’t stop the descent into freezing and the collapse of food production.  Farmers, if they knew what was coming could build greenhouses for green veg, plant root crops like swede, carrot, potato, sugar beet and turnips.  The government is still carrying on about carbon – another massive deception and telling farmers not to plough their land.

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