End austerity. Relax fiscal policies.

Prosperity not austerity

Hong Kong is in recession. Germany probably is in recession. Italy was in recession last year and still performing weakly.  The US and Chinese economies have slowed. It is time for a UK stimulus to boost our economy.

The government is right to increase spending on schools and hospitals. It also needs to provide some tax cuts for all to increase take home pay, make it cheaper to buy a home and a car and take VAT off items like female hygiene products, home insulation, and other ways of improving home fuel efficiency.

The UK economy has been slowed by the world background and by its own tight monetary and fiscal policies. It’s time to relax sensibly. The aim should be prosperity for the many, with more and better paid jobs.



2 Responses to “End austerity. Relax fiscal policies.”

  1. stevie k says:

    What is it with these politicians, not a mention about leaving this private financial system most of the world is locked into which keeps us all debt slaves. Nations will never prosper (unless the Banksters want them to) until they take back the issuance of their own currency for the good of the nation and not the private banking cartels.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Agreed Stevie, but even within the rigged banking framework Britain could loosen the financial constraints. We just need to Brexit the EU, and dump Maastricht which sets tight parameters for the economy – the so-called ‘convergence criteria’.

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