Disaster capitalism. Johnson delivers break-up Britain.

It true Trumpian populist style – Boris Johnson promised in late July to make the United Kingdom ‘the greatest place on earth’ by leaving the European Union on Oct 31st. We’ll see if we leave but there are no chances of becoming remotely like a great nation again with words and nothing concrete to back it up. For a start, the money is on the United Kingdom breaking up – because the hedge-funds will be aiming their profits at that next. If Scotland’s bid for independence is successful – and it will be, Britain loses a very large chunk of its territory, waters and with the latest oil find – wealth. 

In the surreal world of Brexit Britain, we have to consider the machinations of the driving force behind the Conservative party strategy – keeping their funders happy. If not, there’s no chance at all that they would win the expected snap general election. The reality is that a crazed techno-freak in the guise of Dominic Cummings is playing to the tune of the hedge-funds.

In August, Cummings even bragged to Tories about raising money from “billionaire hedge fund managers” for this election campaign. His ego really does get the better of everything.

It was widely reported that pro-Brexit politicians and investors, including Crispin OdeyJacob Rees-Mogg, and Nigel Farage, allegedly profited in various ways from Brexit, including short-selling. And this continues to this day. It’s easy, isn’t it? Make a negative announcement and Sterling falls – make a positive announcement and the opposite occurs.

It is plausibly speculated that these and other investors stand to make huge profits from these currency fluctuations, and the big prize, is of course, from a no-deal Brexit.

Donors for Boris Johnson included individuals from companies like Melbury Capital, Montanaro Investment Managers, Perella Weinberg, RK Capital, SRM Global, and Christofferson, Robb & Co – and more. Does anyone really think that they are happy to throw money at a political party that will not transform their investment into handsome returns?

The funding of a ruling government by what can only be described as disaster capitalists raises some pretty serious questions.

Just for starters, would Eurosceptic Tory MPs have been empowered to trigger the Brexit referendum in the first place without help from their banker and hedge fund donors?

And where is this leading? There’s a trajectory that surely even the most ardent of Leave voters must be able to see by now. There is no good news on the horizon, it just gets worse and worse by the day and Britain could easily now stumble from crises to crises that make the poor more vulnerable, the middle class less able to manage and the rich hedge fund owners even richer.

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Like Winston Churchill delivering the end of the British Empire after WW2 and presenting it as a victory, Boris will deliver the end of the UK as a political victory, while the big money crawls over the carcass .  Things in France and Holland are already far worse than they are in Britain.  With austerity deeper and political repression by armed police shooting people on the street.  The totalitarian state is closing in inside the EU.  Can Britain escape the worst of the suppression of dissent?   And can a new politics emerge?  Can we rid ourselves of the European Arrest Warrant which allows people like Lyn Thyer to be dragged off to a French jail with no charge or even a letter from her lawyer?  Political freedoms are more important than wealth.   Let’s see what’s in the small print.  Will voting fraud and postal voting be brought under control?  Will Blair’s europhile judiciary be brought to heel?

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